12/24/14 | Christmas Eve Workout & Schedule

12/24/14 | Wednesday. 

Today’s Schedule:

  • Morning classes proceed per usual (5:15am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am). 
  • Open gym (no direct coaching) from 10am-12pm. 
  • The last class will be 12-1pm. 
  • All evening classes are cancelled (no 4pm, 5pm or 6pm). 
  • The gym will close at 1pm. 
Thursday, December 25th:  The gym will be closed for Christmas
Friday, December 26th – Saturday, December 27th: All classes proceed per usual

Goat Day today. Come work on your weaknesses.

Then complete: “The Baseline”
Row 500m,
40 Squats,
30 Sit-ups,
20 Push-ups,
10 Pull-ups.

**We will do the “12 Days of Christmas” workout on Friday for every class. — or you can complete it today!

*Holiday Party: we have decided on Sat Jan 24 for the holiday party.
*Rowing & Nutrition Challenge: sign up here and get more details: https://crossfittorque.frontdeskhq.com/events/415404

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