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2020 September Athlete Focus: Dave Kellner

I was turned onto CrossFit Torque by Laurie Morse who was my ‘new girlfriend’ at the time a few years back, now we are engaged!  I got away from CrossFit for a while to do martial arts but ultimately wanted to work on my athleticism and get punched less.

My proudest accomplishment is my wonderful daughter Haley, who just turned 16.  We have been running races together for years (5ks, Spartans, rugged maniacs, tough mudders and even a marathon).

I work pretty far away, and have tried a few other gyms closer by, but they don’t compare to Torque in quality of coaches or members. 

So I rush out of the office and just make it in time for the 6pm class!

My Favorite movement is currently the deadlift, since I can do that fairly well… although I really like the snatch and power cleans, and want to be able to do those well!!  I just think they are awesome movements. I struggle most with my form and mobility, but hopefully can work on that and start putting up some weight.

[Dave, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?]

“I’d be able to fly…. who wouldn’t??”

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