2021 Intramural Open Recap

2021 Intramural Open was a HUGE success!

The final week brought so much excitement. Here’s how the points tallied as the five-weeks came to an end.

Week 5 Team Spirit:

PR’s then Pinot’s “Christmas in April”! – 5 points

Social Media Check-in Random Winner:

Sue Scarcella – The Mighty BosTONES

Total points added for the final week:

Attended the workout, wore their team tee-shirt, donated canned items to the food pantry and donated a baby picture to contest:

The Mighty BosTONES: 47 additional points

Quad Squad: 53 additional points

PR’s Then Pinot: 50 additional points

Mean Green Power Clean Machines: 25 additional points

Points added for the Google or Facebook Reviews

Mean Green Power Clean Machines: 21 additional points

PR’s then Pinto: 9 additional points

Quad Squad: 4 additional points

The Mighty BosTONES: 12 additional points

Points added for the video testimonials:

PR’s then Pinot: 5 additional point

The Mighty BosTONES: 1 additional point

Points added for the workout winners:

Mean Green Power Clean Machines: 6 additional points

PR’s then Pinot: 3 additional points

Quad Squad: 9 additional points

The Mighty BosTONES: 4 additional points

All of the above points are added to previous weeks for a grand total of…

Drum roll please …….

Mean Green Power Clean Machines: 177

PR’s then Pinto: 210

The Mighty BosTONES: 222

and the winners: Quad Squad with 246 points!

Congrats to Co-Captains Meg Cavanaugh and Kim Whalen for leading their team to the top!

Winners are receiving: BRAGGING RIGHTS! Take a look at this Banner!

CF Torque APR Banner 3

Also, each member will receive some CFT tee-shirt swag and $100 gift card from The Community Coalition Project from the winter time.

The Co-Captains (OF ALL TEAMS!) will also receive a Crosby’s Cafe Gift Card and Elliot Physical Therapy Gift Card for $150.

We thank everyone for a really great 5 weeks at Torque. It was inspiring to see everyone step it up to make it a success!

Until next year’s Intramural Open – keep it up!

(Not sure where to go from here: read this update!)

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