2021 Top Gifts for the CrossFitter in Your Life!

  • Nutrition Coaching at Torque – Fitness at Torque is only 3-5 hours a week – there are a LOT of other hours through the day and week that require Torque Members to be on top of their game. Our Nutrition Programs will help keep the members stay accountable and on track. A gift card towards this coaching would be a huge support for your CrossFitter!
  • Jump Rope –  Learning double-unders can be an extremely frustrating experience especially if you are using the wrong sized rope. Having your own jump rope can be super beneficial for practicing at home or having for that double-under day in class! Ropes come in all types and prices, so here is the jump rope we recommend: JumpNrope R1.5 Hybrid and R1 Speed Rope. Torque also has an assortment of colors and styles on-site – come on by and purchase for the CrossFitter in your life!
  • Fish Oil –  Omega 3 Fatty Acids are known to help reduce inflammation. Omega 6 fatty acids are known to promote inflammation. A typical American diet generally contains more omega 6 fatty acids than omega 3 fatty acids. When dietary ratios are off, it can lead to worsening inflammation in the body over time. This is perfect for the athlete with tight or inflamed joints. Buy here.
  • Knee Sleeves – Protect your joints even more by giving them some added support! Compression helps your joints and ligaments stay stable as the move through various ranges of motion.  They also help give extra support to people with prior knee injuries.  BONUS: They make great shin protection on rope climbs! Pick them up here at CrossFit Torque.
  • Protein Shakes – Every good athlete needs to give their bodies what they need! No better way to fuel and replenish your body than a quick and easy protein shake!  Check out our Ascent products on site at Torque.  Here’s how to make pudding out of Ascents’ casein protein! Grab some here at Torque!
  • Foam Roller – Everyone needs to take care of their muscles, which starts with using tools like the foam roller to help mobilize tight and stuff muscle tissue.  You can pick one up here.
  • Becoming A Supple Leopard – Dr. Kelly Starrett’s guide to mobility, will not only change the way you think about the human body, but show you how to move properly as well! Pick it up here.
  • Reebok CrossFit Nano’s – If you or your loved one is getting serious about their fitness journey, you should invest in some shoes that will help you get the job done! No more of those super cushioned running shoes! Pick them up here.
  • Abmat – Know someone who’d like to be able to do more sit ups at home? An abmat is a great tool to have to help build some core strength, but it can also double as a pad for your head while doing handstand push ups! pick one up here.
  • Kettlebell – If you’re looking for an extremely versatile piece of equipment, look no further than the kettlebell! This piece of equipment can be used in so many different ways and variations, the possibilities are almost endless! And they can be picked up at a lot of convenient places like Walmart and Target. But here are some cool options for the Star Wars fan in your life.

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