2/21/14 | Snatches & Static Hold


EMOTM for 10min, complete: 
2 Power Snatches
Workout of the Day:
AMRAP in 20 min, complete Max hold within 30 sec, then Rest 30 sec
Handstand Holds
Squat Holds
L-Sits Hold
Pull-ups Hold

Welcome to CrossFit Torque WOD Page!

*CFT In-House competition! Sun Feb 23, 2014 from 9am-3pm. There is a novice and intermediate division for both the males and females. Sign up here! 
*CFT is hosting the Spring Fling Intermediate Partner Competition on Sunday April 27 at 9am. More information and Registration link can be found here.
*Reebok CrossFit Open – 5 weeks – 1 workout each week starting Feb 28. games.crossfit.com to sign up

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