3rd Annual Couch to 5K

This 8 week program will run: April 18 – June 10, 2023 finishing with our 3rd Annual Torque 5K Run here at Torque on June 11, 2023 (separate registration fee but you’ll receive a $5 discount on that race when signing up for this Couch to 5K).

The program we provide suggests a 30-40min commitment 3x a week to truly see progress during this program. The program will also have a walking version available. We suggest having a day in-between your scheduled runs. Coach Brian will host group runs at Torque on Tuesday & Thursday’s at 5pm; and there will be one morning group run each week. Our suggestion would be schedule your 3rd run on either a Sunday/Monday or Friday/Saturday. 

What’s included?

  • Group Runs: 2x week at Torque (T & Th 5pm)
  • 8–Week Running Guide
  • InBody Scan before and after program to track muscle gain and fat loss (one runner saw a 10.2lb body fat loss over the 8weeks; another saw a 3lb muscle gain!)
  • Nutrition Accountability
  • Private Facebook group for accountability, coaching and support
  • $5 off Torque 5K Road Race Sunday June 11, 2023
  • Running e-book full of tips and more!

Hear it from one of last year’s participants!

“I have always had a love/hate relationship with running, sometimes it’s felt easy running a few miles and others a half a mile felt insurmountable. This time last year I was in a place of insurmountable. I hadn’t run regularly since the birth of my son and the pandemic. It was time to get moving again. I had also just moved to Wrentham and was looking for a group to run with to help motivate me and meet some new people. 

With help from Amanda on Facebook I found Torque’s Couch to 5K program starting 2 days from then. I had a quick call and got started. The program helped me get comfortable with running. Starting with walks and runs helped me to gain confidence and stamina. Joining the group runs was a great motivation to keep going each week. I had a goal time in mind on race day that I was so excited to have reached and I watched many of the folks I ran alongside throughout the program do the same. 

I also had the opportunity to meet some great people. I continue to run with Brittany, a fellow Couch to 5k’er, once a week and I joined the Torque community as a CrossFit member last August. 

I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to get comfortable running for any reason; to run a few miles or many miles, to be more confident running during workouts or to have another option in your workout arsenal. There are endless reasons but if you’ve thought about wanting to run, or improving your run this is a great program.” -Bethany

Benefits of Running

  • Creates long-lasting habits
  • Improves overall mood
  • Feel stronger, more confident and energetic
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages meal planning
  • There’s a lower risk of cancers associated with runners
  • Improved sleeping
  • This program is open to any of our current members or anyone in our extended network!  

The cost for the program will be $84 and will be led by Coach Brian, running enthusiast!

Register here: https://crossfittorque.pike13.com/pack_products/781384

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