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After The Intramural Open

The 2021 Torque Intramural Open came to an end last week. We had an EPIC 5 weeks of high fives and fist bumps! The team format and leadership from our four sets of co-captains were better than ever and we had our HIGHEST participation/sign up in a Torque Open event! If you didn’t get a chance to see the final week recap and score, you can check that out here and give it a read.

With that said, The Torque Open always brings an INCREDIBLE amount of energy and positivity into the gym. 

The level of excitement and engagement is nearly palpable.

The environment changes. 

Everyone’s a little nervous, but excited to hear what the next workout is going to be. 

There is a greater sense of accomplishment after completing the workout regardless of your score or level in which you completed the workout. 

You feel part of something bigger than yourself or bigger than your individual fitness goals.

This past year was different though and we all know why. So when prepping for The 2021 Torque Intramural Open, our goals were really simple… 

  1. Run an inclusive, team competition that would bring people together after a year where everyone was forced apart. 
  2. Put smiles on faces that have been hidden under masks. 
  3. And most importantly, do something that feels normal.

To all our members who joined during the pandemic, The Torque Intramural Open has probably been your first real experience of what the Torque community is truly like.

To all our members who have been part of Torque before the pandemic, I hope this event gave you the confidence that more normalcy is coming and that the community you believe in is better and stronger than ever.

Now that these 5 weeks have come to an end, what’s next?

What is the next thing you’re focused on? 

Maybe you hit your goal of participating in all of the workouts, or you did all the workouts Rx, or you hit the % you wanted in your age group, or you got your first toe-to-bar or kipping pull-up! On the other hand, maybe you didn’t quite hit your goals, maybe you were 1 workout away from Rx’ing all the workouts, maybe you didn’t quite do as well as you wanted to.

My advice to you and to the question of “what’s next” is really simple:

Talk to one of your Torque coaches. You don’t need to try to figure it out on your own. We are here to help guide you on this journey! You have enough going on in your life, why put the burden on yourself to try to figure it out? 

Let us help you create a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We all have our unique reason why we are busting our butts in the gym and what we are looking to accomplish.

Now’s the time to gain clarity and create a plan. 

Use this link to book a Free Goal Review session with a coach. We are excited to help you with your “what’s next” questions!

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