Amanda's Story

I was always the chubby girl growing up. But let me tell you, I sure was athletic. I loved playing sports and excelled at it throughout high school. College softball at the D3 college I went to didn’t pan out how I expected, so fitness fell out of the picture.
I graduated college early but not before I put on the ‘freshman 15’ each year that I was there. I pretended I was happy with my nutrition decisions and one time weekly pickup basketball game, but knew I was ultimately unhealthy. My parents had joined a CrossFit gym the year I graduated, 2009. They invited me to come try a class – “I would love it” they said. I resisted. But it wasn’t until we lost my Uncle to a rare cancer, that I knew I had to make a change.
Inside the CrossFit gym, there was a lot of unknown – equipment I’ve never seen before, lingo on the whiteboard that looked foreign and the sound of a barbell dropping to the floor that made you jump a little.
The coaches were extremely nice, and made me feel as comfortable as an overweight girl can feel inside of a gym. There were of course other members there working out as well. But it didn’t matter who they were – where they grew up, where they worked, any of those details – what mattered was that we all went through a challenging workout, together. We smiled after, we fist bumped, and said “ugh that was hard!”.
I left that day unsure of what just happened to me. I got into my car and burst into tears, overwhelmed with emotion (and maybe some sore quads already).
How could something as simple as a gym, make me feel so many things?
Proud. Scared. Supported. Tired. Happy. Exhausted. Strong. Overwhelmed. Accomplished.
All I knew is that I wanted more.
More workouts, more coaching, more friends to workout next to, more community.
It’s why just 6 months after doing this “CrossFit thing” every day, I opened my own CrossFit affiliate. I took the things I loved about my old gym, and added more to it. I wanted to positively change the lives of those around me. I wanted them to feel what I felt that first day.
We opened CrossFit Torque in December 2010 with the mission to coach as many people as possible to being healthier and fitter versions of themselves. How would we do that: through Nutrition, this amazing methodology called CrossFit, and Coach Accountability, and Community Support.
Our affiliation with the international brand name gave us a boost, a starting point to build off of. We have building for the last 9.5 years to make it our own, and will continue daily to build on it.
We are TorqueNation.
And always have been.
We love how CrossFit Torque has changed our lives – not CrossFit HQ the company.
CrossFit Torque = the FEELING OF COMMUNITY – the style of workouts – the SUPPORT from every COACH and member inside that wall – the new NUTRITION habits – the MINDSET shifts – the WEIGHT LOSS – ridding of medication – SAVING lives –
WE ARE ONE COMMUNITY – we are here for each other – we are TorqueNation.

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