Personal Training Member since May 4, 2021

      “My time working with David has been a blast. I started with David only a few months ago and the progress I’ve seen in those short months has been awesome! David never complains, is always early and always ready to work hard! He laughs at all the crazy workouts that I put together and then goes right ahead and starts them without hesitation. The last month or so we have increased weight in most exercises, I have seen an improvement in mobility and in single arm/ leg strength! I can’t wait to continue working with David and helping him along his fitness journey at Torque!”

-Coach Liz

I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Massachusetts in 1992. I’ve lived in Sharon since 2013 with my wife Kristin, and daughter Kate. 

My daughter who participated in the Teen Class at Torque suggested that I give it a try; she was always so enthusiastic about the coaches and the overall experience, I decided to get off the couch and try it myself.

What keeps me coming back to Torque day after day is the coaching! After a year, it’s become a habit, apart from that, I’m seeing continual improvement in my ability to execute skills and my overall stamina. The coaches are all very helpful and supportive; they push me through when I think I can’t go any more. Without the coaching, I know I would have given up long ago.

My proudest moment here at Torque is being consistent with the schedule and coming faithfully 3 times a week, 45 minute personal training sessions. 

My greatest challenge for me was actually walking in the door that first day!! Certainly glad that I had! 

My favorite movement is, of course, Burpees! Aren’t they everyones!?!- no actually I hate Burpees!!!  For real, my favorite movements are tied to those where I’m currently seeing the most improvement, at the moment, that would be lunges. 

If someone out there is thinking about coming to Torque for personal training, group classes and or nutrition  –  I suggest to try it – after a few weeks it will become a habit and you will be glad that you did!

If I had super power, I would be able to fly! 

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