April Member Highlight: Pam McGillivary

Member Since: September 2020

“Since the moment I met Pam, she has been dedicated to coming to class, working hard, and improving daily. Pam shows up everyday with a positive attitude that is infectious to those around her. You will always find Pam cheering on her fellow members and has been a great Team Captain during the Intramural Open. I couldn’t be more proud of her growth since she has joined us here at Torque”. 

-Coach Lea

     My fitness journey has been a long one with many personal accomplishments along the way!!  My latest and greatest is joining CrossFit Torque after turning 50 at the end of September 2020.  It wasn’t until I graduated college that I decided I was done being identified as “Pam the fat girl”. I was very overweight and really didn’t put ANY effort into physical health.  Well, that all changed in November of ‘92 when I got my first treadmill.  All of the excuses went out the window. I started to lose the weight and gain a complete love of fitness, health, self- love, self- care.  I registered and trained for a variety of 5ks, 10ks, a half-marathon and even a 5k swim.  How many people can say they swam 3.1 consecutive miles? I also participated in the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride!!  I’ve had some set- backs along the way too, and decided investing in myself is the best 50th birthday gift I could give myself and my family.  

     I work at the stadium and pass CrossFit Torque on my way to and from work on a daily basis. Something just clicked in my brain, joining this place was what I wanted to do – needed to do for myself.  It was time to take back control of my health and I wanted to do it where no one would know me, where I could be myself and not embarrassed because of my size or inability to perform some of the moves. I had no idea what a special place Torque really is!!  

     From the first time I met Lea outside at the picnic table I have felt like I belong, EVERYONE here keeps me coming back!! The support, encouragement, the way the coaches modify when necessary so that failure is not an option is just what this athlete needed!!! I love the variety of the workouts and look forward to reading the WOD in SugarWOD every night.  I get excited when it’s a workout I understand, it means I am evolving as a CrossFit athlete!!

     The open workout 21.2 is by far my proudest accomplishment so far.  I was able to complete 150 20# dumbbell snatches and 61 burpees over boxes.  Holy smokes!!! I was so dam proud when those 20 minutes were up!!!  The biggest challenge, for me, is push-ups!!  My upper body strength needs a lot of work. Slow and steady, that’s what I keep telling myself!!

     I would have to say my favorite movement is Back Squats! It makes me smile when I can add a little more weight each time and successfully squat to a target.  Knee issues require me to use a target (a modification to ensure success). I also like the rower, kettlebells and do I dare say Burpees?!

    Anyone out there who is not sure if CrossFit is for them needs to come to Torque.  The staff and members will welcome you with open arms and do what needs to be done to help you have the best workout you can on a daily basis.  The cheering, the words of encouragement, the support will keep you coming back like they do me, every day!!  Don’t quit!!  Give it a chance, you need to start somewhere!!!

     A superpower I would love to have is a good night’s sleep! Sounds simple, but a battle I fight every day.  Who knows, maybe those push-ups would be easier if I got a solid 8 hours every night!!  

    I will continually be fighting the fight of health and wellness and I feel that Torque has given me a lot of tools for my toolbox to help make the fight a fun one! Every day I walk through the doors with my head held high waiting to workout and walk out saying, “I just did …….” and that is by far the best thing ever!!!!

    Thank you CrossFit Torque for welcoming me and helping me to continue to chip away and bring my inner athlete back out!!!

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