August Athlete Focus: Julie Belcher!

August Athlete Focus:  Julie Belcher

“Julie is an amazing human being. She has been with us since essentially day one, and we have seen her grow in so many ways. Having her in classes always adds a fun element (she’s always ready for a dance party!) and we love having Julie a part of our community!”

– Coach Amanda

Member since: January 2011.

It is difficult to sum up what CrossFit Torque means to me in writing.
Being able to workout with Rob, my main squeeze, is probably the number one reason we joined CFT in January 2011. However, the ownership, the coaching, and the strong sense of community are all factors that keep me coming back year after year.
My proudest accomplishment and my biggest challenge happen every time I show up for a workout. Truth be told, it really is a matter of cherishing each small success because this outweighs any setback or challenge.
I LOVE partner WOD’s – I LOVE AMRAP’s – I LOVE anything OVERHEAD!
I’ve learned to listen to my body – she really does give some sound advice –
I’ve learned to let go of preconceived notions of what fitness really means –
So there’s no real magic formula to being fit – I do believe my state of mind allows me to push my state of being (trusting the coaches helps too).
The key is to show up and push through.  Also, because the coaches know how to make each functional movement attainable, CrossFit sustains me.
Let’s face it,  as we age we may begin to think that there are limits in the scope of physical activities we will be able to enjoy – There’s the key word – ENJOY!  Well, Rob and I enjoyed a strenuous hike last month to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary! We are convinced that our membership with CFT has greatly contributed to our overall well being as well as our physical fitness.
We thoroughly ENJOY ourselves each and every time we step foot into this precious community.
Ready, Willing and Able – thanks to CrossFit Torque.

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