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August 2022 Member of the Month: Shannon Maguire

Member Since: February 6, 2021

Born and raised, PROUD, Jersey girl!  I have always been an athlete throughout the years.  I played 2 DIII sports (soccer and lacrosse) at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) where I received my BS in Biomedical Engineering.  After some time in corporate America, I realized engineering wasn’t for me and went back to school to earn my MBA at BC.  Currently, I work for a company called Shockwave that creates catheters used for endovascular calcium modification in patients with atherosclerotic plaque.  At Shockwave, I am an Associate Director where I focus on new product development activities for future company strategy and pipeline. 

I love my job, I travel a TON for it and luckily I have the most patient wife.  Fun fact, this woman (Abby) agreed to marry me twice in the span of a year #COVIDbrides.  Even a more fun fact, Abby and I used to be mortal enemies in college.  She was a goalie for my rival team and I was a center forward.  Long story short we made amends, figured out the other one wasn’t all that terrible and have been together for almost 10 years! 

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, hiking with our pup Easton, coaching youth lacrosse for KP and now, begrudgingly, doing yard work at our home in Foxboro!

I have done CrossFit on and off for the last 9 years, but being the competitor that I am, I would always injure myself.  When meeting with Sara and Amanda, as well as all the other coaches, I just knew that it was about the journey and not necessarily the numbers you put up.  Not to mention having two bad ass women running their own business….I am always in support of that!!

The people at Torque definitely keep me coming back.  It’s so nice to have a friendly, but competitive, community behind every workout.  The coaching staff know each member personally.  They know your strengths and weaknesses, push you when you need it and if necessary, tell you to take a step back when you may be pushing too far. 

My proudest moment at Torque thus far is dubz dubz dubz; I am still working to piece more reps together, but just hit 40 consecutive the other day! I also love when Hang Cleans show up on the programming. While I enjoy spending time working on my dubs, my work schedule inhibits me attending classes consistently.  the schedule is hard for me because of my work travel, but I am enjoying getting to drop in and workout with different coaches! I just need to focus on not getting TOO far out of my groove!

So here is my advice for someone who is a bit hesitant of trying out CrossFit … Just do it! The hardest part is getting yourself to the gym, but once you’re there it’s awesome.  Scale or not scale, every workout is worth the time and energy to be part of the Torque community.

My superpower of choice would be … being in two places (or more) at once…good for being able to multitask or rob a bank with a concrete alabi (just kidding!)

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