If we’re looking for overall health and well-being, then we want a balance of work and the rest of life.

We also want a balance of work in the gym with the rest of our day. Meaning, we need nutrition, we need exercise, we need recovery, but we also need our friends and family. Our focus can’t just be physical work. It’s important to realize the full spectrum of life includes mental health and social well-being.

And remember to include others in the journey.

The great part of CrossFit and any group fitness community is that oftentimes these other dimensions of life are acquired along with the physical benefits. Emotions are regulated. Stress relief is noted. Friendships can develop. A second family adopts us to nurture us through personal ups and downs

So how do we maintain this balance of physical, mental, and social well-being?

1. Prioritize. Big rocks > pebbles > sand.

2. Organize. Past → Present → Future.

3. Energize. Dream / Drive / Reflect.

Balance your hobbies with your profession, balance your workouts with your social life, and balance your stress with decompressing activities to get the most out of life.

Keep your footing. Remember what is important to you and learn to walk that fine line between busy and dedicated.

Not only is this possible, but it is also essential to overall wellness in the balancing act of life.

-Coach Cam

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