Basic Macro Breakdown to avoid Boredom Eating

What is a Macro anyways?

Our food is comprised of three basic macronutrients (“macro” for short) – Protein, Fat & Carbohydrate.

We don’t have to get into the nitty gritty of what they are made up of, how they work in the bodies, or the complicated details.

Rather, let’s provide some insight. On an average 2000 calorie per day approach, the general goal for basic human performance is to consume 30% of your calories in Protein, 30% of your calories in Fat, and 40% of your calories in Carbs.

Math tells us that means 600 calories will be in the form of Protein, 600 calories in the form of Fat, and the remaining 800 calories in form of Carbs.

What does 600 Protein calories look like? This is around 150 grams of Protein (=600 / 4 cal. It takes your body 4 calories to burn through 1 gram of protein.)

4 ounces of Chicken Breast = 26grams of Protein (also has fat).

600 Fat Calories is 66 grams of Fat.

1/2 medium sized avocado (55 grams by weight) = 8.1 grams of Fat (also has carbs and little protein).

800 Carb Calories is 200 grams of Carbs.

Medium sized Sweet Potato (roughly 200 grams by weight) = 40 grams of Carbs (with some protein).

Well balanced meals will include each of the three macro-nutritents. Do this and you’ll be able to avoid “boredom eating”.

Keep it simple: lean meats, healthy fats, simple carbs.

Tune in tomorrow for examples.

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