Benefits of Water – What does it help do?

A glass of water may look like such a basic, non-important thing as it sits on our countertop. We know we should be drinking more water compared to sugary beverages but why? What does water actually do once it is in our body?

Check out the list below and I guarantee that you will be surprised at how many different functions water plays a role in!

  1. Helps create saliva.
  2. Regulated body temperature.
  3. Protects your tissues, spinal cord and joints.
  4. Helps maximize physical performance.
  5. Helps excrete waste through perspiration, urination and defecation.
  6. Prevents constipation.
  7. Aids in digestion.
  8. Helps with nutrient absorption.
  9. Fight off illness.
  10. Helps improve energy.
  11. Keeps skin bright.
  12. Aids in cognitive function.
  13. Mood improvement.
  14. Prevents overall dehydration.
  15. Improves blood oxygen circulation.
  16. Helps you to lose weight.

Considering our body is made up of ~70% water we need to be adequately hydrated so that water can do all of its different jobs in the body. 

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