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Make Huge Changes in Your Life by Starting Small

… Start by making tiny changes in your life, one at a time. If we take a strategy from the business world called the aggregation of marginal gains, then we can simply focus on improving every aspect of our lives—training, nutrition, sleep, and equipment—by 1%.

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Two Phases of Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition changes do not happen overnight. There is no ‘magic pill’ that taken the night before, will give us the changes we want to see the next morning. This is why at Torque Health and Fitness, we introduce and implement Nutrition Coaching into two phases.

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Chase Goals, Not Rabbits

Chase Goals, Not Rabbits Here’s why you have a coach: There’s too much out there. You know you can’t do everything. A lot of it looks—or sounds—good. I’m talking about diet plans, supplements, workout programs or even daily WODs. But you can’t do it all,

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