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CO2 Detector: Why We Have One

Here at Torque Health & Fitness, Home of CrossFit Torque, we have been using a CO2 detector since early October to bring our safety protocols to the next level. It’s more than just peace of mind for our members. CO2 levels are not correlated with

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Mask Options

Here are some of our top suggestions for wearing a mask during our physically distanced and barrier-ed workouts! Mighty Well – have been wearing for a few weeks and this is Coach Amanda’s favorite: Reebok – some members have this one and is ‘liked’

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December 2020 Member Focus: Viktoria Stockman

Torque Member since August 2020! “After coaching Viktoria, at a recently added time slot of 7:00 AM on Monday morning, I see that she welcomes feedback and strives to get her form dialed in, which is proving to be key in her successes at Torque.

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Celebrating 10 years: Member Appreciation Week 2020

As we quickly approach our 10 year anniversary on Sunday December 6, I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You. Thank you to everyone over the years who have come into our doors at Torque. Thank you to my parents and family for

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When to Shift

Inspired by TBB mentor group Like a lot of gyms around the world Torque was forced to shut down for a few months in March due to the pandemic. We had to make the pivot to online coaching in just a matter of hours, and

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Consistency is KEY

Written by Nutrition Coach Jamie By definition, the word consistent means ‘acting or done in the same way over time.’  It is to be unchanging in nature, standard or effect over time. I would say THE MOST important part of being successful with nutrition is

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Thanksgiving and Policy Update

Thanksgiving First! Thursday Nov 26 we will have three group classes: each are capped at 12 athletes, first come first serve – they are on Pike13 now. 7:00-7:50am 8:15-9:05am 9:30-10:20am ​Friday Nov 27 will be a modified schedule.  No 5am class No Virtual 6am class No 6am

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I’m a Problem Solver

Written by Owner & Coach Amanda The most frustrating thing I’ve dealt with through this entire pandemic was not being shut down for almost 11 weeks (March 16 until May 27), or having to wear a mask and project my voice a little louder, or

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November 2020 Member Highlight: Stan Benjamin

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I spent my childhood in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. I am Trilingual (English, Haitian-Creole, French). Played Football, Basketball and Baseball. I still play intramural Softball now and I am a referee for flag football also. I met my beautiful

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Meet New Personal Trainer Steve!

We’d like to welcome to Torque, Coach Steve Gurtowski who will be one of our Personal Trainers on staff. He has over twenty-four years of fitness experience working with all ages of amazing humans. We are excited to have a well-rounded Coach on staff who

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