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Bright Spots on Friday’s

🤩Each week we celebrate Bright Spots in our private members only channels. It’s an opportunity for our members to share and feel recognized for the positives in their lives.💪🏻

It can be fitness and health related, or something outside of Torque’s influence. But most of all, this thought-exercise is highly encouraged because of the long term compounding benefits.

Simply put, after first being introduced to an exercise like this, some people will feel they don’t have anything to say – or they struggle to find a Bright Spot. And that’s okay – the time reflecting on the past week is important …

Because eventually there’s a mental switch and the brain will WANT to share a win, so then there’s a deliberate effort to set yourself up for success. “I want to be able to share that I stuck with my morning routine for 7 days in a row” and so each night before bed, you set your intentions for the next morning.

When the next Friday comes and it’s time to share a Bright Spot, you’re pumped and can’t type fast enough to hit ‘post’. This feeling is invaluable. Then you repeat each day and week. The progress you’ll make is incredible.

⬇️⬇️And guess what? It’s Friday …. let’s share your Bright Spots from the last week! ⬇️⬇️

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