What’s next for Fitness?

What’s next with Fitness?

This current crisis has turned the world upside down. It has ravaged most industries and will force some industries to make changes for good, and others, perhaps only temporary.

The Fitness industry is in flux.

For the first time in history (maybe??), we have a shortage of exercise equipment. Even people that rarely would lift weights were running to the stores (or Amazon) to get all sorts of weights, gimmicks and gadgets delivered to their homes. This is great if they are being utilized!

This pandemic has exposed a health crisis in America that has only gotten worse in the last 40 years.

We, the population of the United States, do not lack access to gyms, or means to exercise. Access to healthier food is available to the majority of Americans too.

HOWEVER, what we do lack is discipline and accountability in making our health a priority. It’s costing people financially: in doctor’s visits, medications and hospital stays. It’s also robbing them of their most precious asset, time. More time enjoying their friends and family.

I hope this pandemic is going create the tipping point: A time when people will start to care enough about their health that they look for a great coach for their fitness and nutrition.

Michael Jordan had a coach. Tiger Woods had a coach. Tom Brady has a coach. Michael Phelps had a coach. Musicians have coaches. Entrepreneurs have coaches!

A great coach isn’t someone that’s just going to smile and nod. A great coach is going to teach you how to do better and hold you accountable when times are tough. A great coach is not your friend. Some of our friends enable our poor choices and behaviors.

Our business does not sell access to gym equipment or a place to exercise. We sell you on our expertise in movement, exercise, strength training and nutrition. We sell you on our ability to add years to your life and life to your years.

This crisis helped us get better at our business. It forced businesses to adapt or die. We didn’t die. We grew.  Not in revenue, but in our ability to help people no matter where they live. Our ability to help you is no longer limited by our physical location.  Due to this pandemic, our members didn’t have access to our physical location, but the coaching didn’t stop. Not even for a day. And now we have the infrastructure to help even more! #OnlineCoaching

I hope this crisis is a reality check for those who need it – time to make your health a priority.

If you’re ready, we’re here to help.

As a sincere “Thank you” for reading, if you decide to start one of our Online Coaching Programs, we’ll offer you 20% off your first month if you mention this blog.

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Why Wait for the Last Straw?

Why are we waiting for the breaking point? The straw that broke the camel’s back.

It seem’s to be easier to focus on the last straw. The catalyst that causes change.

But the trouble is with a last straw, it usually draws too much attention to itself.

The focus becomes just on that one straw. I think the real focus should be back a bunch of straws ago.

Ask why we missed, what we missed, and why we let it slide what we let slide.

So is the last straw really the biggest straw? I’d say rarely. It’s usually just like the previous straws.

Maybe something about us has changed.

Ask what changed, and why it took us to get to the “last” straw?

Let’s be better. Ready for the next camel. Ready to make a change before the camel’s back breaks.

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Book a No-Sweat Intro to have a conversation and see how we can avoid breaking the camel’s back.

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How to Start a Fitness Routine during COVID19

If you Google “how to start a workout routine,” you’ll see some great advice from renowned sources.

For example, the Mayo Clinic has five steps for you, with instructions under each heading:

  1. Assess fitness level.
  2. Design program.
  3. Assemble equipment.
  4. Start.
  5. Monitor progress. 

We’re not going to argue with the Mayo Clinic! But those five steps are really far from simple for the average person.

For example, most people don’t know how to assess fitness, and even fewer know how to design a program and monitor progress. 

And while you can start a program with minimal equipment, fitness equipment isn’t cheap. So if you buy anything, you want to make the right decision. But what do you buy? And is that salesperson correct in saying you “absolutely must have this gear—and this supplement at half off”?

Let’s be clear: We want you to start a fitness program in 2020 (a pandemic can’t stop us!), and any activity is better than no activity. You can literally start with a short daily walk. Increase the distance a little every day, and you’ll see some progress! We have Online Clients who start here. It works really well for them.

But the Mayo Clinic list puts a lot of pressure on a person to research, plan, purchase and assess. That can be totally overwhelming! We know this because a lot of our current clients came to us after trying to start a program but becoming totally confused. Some even quit trying altogether before eventually calling us.

We’re going to simplify the Mayo Clinic list for you: All you have to do is work on Number 4. “Start”.

Just start by coming to talk to us. That’s it. Forget all the other stuff that can get complicated. You’re in charge of Number 4 only. We’ve got everything else covered!

We Can Help You Start Working Out! We want to help!

We are experts in assessing fitness level, designing programs and monitoring results. It’s what we do every day. 

We also have all the equipment you’ll ever need. We can even help you with Number 4 because we can motivate you and inspire you. To be honest, that’s our real super power: making fitness fun. 

What’s not fun is trying to figure it out on your own. Ever tried to change a tire, assemble a barbecue or create a spreadsheet without the right knowledge and tools? It’s frustrating! 

We promise to completely eliminate frustration and give you the perfect plan to help you accomplish your fitness goals—any fitness goals. We’ll even tell you how you’ll know you’re making progress—and how to speed things up. Awesome, right?

The Mayo Clinic is 100% correct: “Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health.”

But you don’t have to figure out what to do and buy a bunch of gear. All you have to do is click here and book an appointment to talk with us!

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3 Types of Gym Memberships

Many people are finding themselves in one of two situations recently:

  1. You have concerns about returning to your previous gym due to safety concerns
  2. You haven’t been exercising and this pandemic has shown you how important it is to start to make your health and fitness a priority.

We want to explain the various options out there, in hopes to make your return a safe and positive one!  Here are 3 types of gym options/memberships;

  1. Globo Gyms– Think Planet Fitness, Answer is Fitness, Gold’s Gym, YMCA or similar. These gyms have low ($10-40/month) “access” fees. They usually involve a lengthy contract and very little help once you sign and join. There are endless rows of cardio equipment and plenty of free weights and machines. Some of these gyms may include large group classes of 20+ members. If low cost, and little direction is what works for you, this may be a good fit for you. That’s not a bad thing, however, this style of gym is usually best suited for a very motivated gym goer who doesn’t require much oversight, help, or accountability.
  2. “Boot Camps”– Here is where businesses like Orange Theory, Burn Boot Camp, Get Fit Boot Camp land. These gyms will have a higher price point than Globo Gyms ($99-199/month). They almost always have an initial offer of 2-4 weeks free, to help get you in the door.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people that try a globo gym or boot camp is the classes are too large or there is not enough individual attention towards the members needs and goals. Getting started at these facilities is a relatively simple process and once you’ve joined, you can start jumping into classes immediately. Many of these places do not offer any sort of individualized nutrition coaching program either. So, what about your goals? How do you know how to achieve them without focused fitness and nutrition coaching?

With that being said, the above kinds of gyms are super popular and do a good job jumpstarting a change and keeping those self-motivating people going.

Here comes the third type of gym / membership.

  1. The “Health & Fitness” Center- There is a growing trend in fitness to collaborate with other health and fitness professionals in effort to offer more to their clientele. At facilities like these, you may see massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapist, nutrition coaches, fitness coaches and others all working together as a team, to best meet the clients needs.

At these facilities (like ours), memberships usually start with a conversation. We need to learn our clients needs and goals first. From that discussion, we prescribe options for the best way to reach their goals. This may include one on one personal training, individualized nutrition coaching and/or some group classes.

The benefits of a set up like this, is that it allows the client to work with a team, so that the professionals can discuss potential pitfalls and keep open communication to best meet the needs of the individual client. Facilities like these would likely have monthly rates starting at approximately $150 and going up to $1000+ if they include personal training, nutrition, or other programs. We are taking services from multiple different areas and bringing them under one roof.

Depending on you, and your individual specific needs, each of these 3 options can be beneficial. The truth is that none of these options work if you cannot show up consistently. The best facilities in the world, with all the top professionals and equipment won’t make the changes for you. You have to show up and put the work in!

If you want to have a conversation with one of our coaches, schedule a free virtual intro and not only will have you talk about your goals and aspirations, but you’ll learn about Torque Health and Fitness, home of CrossFit Torque.

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From the Task Pile, to the Habit Pile

“You’re adjusting to a new normal.”

Remember when this was uttered every other sentence during the months of March and April 2020? Has anyone said this to you recently? Or have you said it to yourself?

Sure, you can focus on trying to define new normal, you can dwell on when things will go back to normal… but it’s been 106 days since we voluntarily closed the gym before the order, and nothing seems “back to normal”, except we can workout in the ‘same area’ as our friends again.

So wow did we get to this point? Or what should we do to prepare if this sort of thing happens again this winter? We focused on building healthier habits!

With habit coaching, we empower our clients to work towards better sleep, better self-care, and better choices, little by little. By pairing daily habits with training and nutrition plans, we impact your daily life in a big way. Here’s how habits will help your clients work through the “new normal”.

WINS: Biggest Impact will be Focusing on quick WINS

The big picture worries can easily overwhelm us all during uncertain times. Building routine into our days will help! We focus on what you can control rather than what you can’t. For example, waking up at the same time every day and eating meals on a regular schedule can have positive effects! Tackling small tasks will feel like a win, which builds in instant reward—a key benefit of habits.

ENERGY: Automaticity saves energy for more important tasks

As you build healthy habits, you’ll notice certain freedom that comes along with it. Automaticity is what lets us multitask more effectively, get more done, and best allocate our mental energy throughout the day. When a healthy and beneficial action moves from the “task” pile to the “habit” pile, you’ll be able to re-allocate that energy elsewhere—maybe to play with the kids, or pick up a neglected hobby?

ROUTINE builds a sense of normalcy

Whether it’s homeschooling, a loss of income, familial concerns, or just general restlessness, anyone continuing to practice physical distancing right now is stressed—if not more than normal, then in a new way. And don’t forget those working on the front lines who have increased work stress! Everyone is craving normalcy. If they can’t get it in their day-to-day lives, we can help create it! By setting habit goals, we are not just adding to your to-do list— we are helping build healthy routines that will provide you with small specks of normal.

SELF-CARE: Coaching offers care and encourages self-care

According to a New York-based clinical psychologist, the trauma of COVID-19 is likely causing us to regress to a more childlike state of mind. We need to feel cared for—and guess what? CrossFit Torque Coaching has, and can serve as that care. Working on these habits requires guidance and attention, which you’ll receive from our Coaches. Isn’t that what we all want? We help you focus on yourself.

Building healthy habits builds small wins – small wins will tip a bad day over into a good day!

Habits and routines bring comfort.

Rather than focus on what we can’t control, we focus on what we can control—a healthy habits focus will have both big and small impacts on our days.

If we have a few healthier habits built-in, the benefits will be long-lasting.

Schedule a time to talk to us. We want to hear how you are doing. We want to help build better habits as we hit the second half of 2020.

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Nutrition Client Journey: Chris!


⚡️Meet Chris! An extremely hard worker and nutrition-only client of Coach Amanda’s who has been working hard on putting himself first the last five weeks. We are extremely proud of his progress and wanted to share his journey!

“Amanda keeps me on track with my daily goals. I never would have been able to kick my lemonade addiction without her support. Not to mention changing my breakfast habits has increased my energy exponentially over the course of the day.”

⚡️Do you need someone to keep you accountable? Can you relate to Chris’ journey? Are you looking for a change but don’t know where to start? We are here for you. Book a No-Snack-Intro (via link in profile) with one of our professional coaches – it’s time to tackle your goals!

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Why Glutes Are Great

Lynn leads a busy life. 

She’s a mother, a wife and a professional. She felt her squat strength had plateaued. 

Some History

I have been an athlete alongside Lynn since she joined CrossFit Torque 2 years ago.  Throughout our time working out together, we’ve talked about her strengths and struggles with squatting, where she felt she needed work, what she was frustrated with. She experienced some discomfort if she went above a certain weight on the bar; and never felt stable in the bottom of her squat.


We both agreed that a customized hip and glute program designed to increase strength and stability would really benefit her; the main focus being on that areas that needed the most attention.  There was an initial front and back squat test that we will revisit at the end of the program to see her progress, and evaluate if there is more that needs to be done.  

This program would streamline her progress and optimize her time. Three days a week she would spend 10-15 minutes on 3-4 different exercises targeting the needed areas. This is spread out over 6 weeks, using minimal equipment that met her strengthening needs. 

Lynn’s busy

Lynn is getting the work done when she can. She recognizes the importance of what has been provided to her. She has sent us photos of her children “helping” her get through her routine. Lynn is making it work and making great strides already, three weeks in!

As she continues to notice small victories in her squat performance during barbell complexes and front squats while at CrossFit Torque, she looks forward to continuing her progress through the last three weeks of the program.

Check back in at the end of the month to see the difference in Lynn’s squat!

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Have a specific need and want personal attention from one of our professional coaches? Reach out to us – schedule your Goal Review Session (current members) or a No-Sweat-Intro (new members)! We look forward to working with you!


5 Steps Getting Back to the Basics


If you’re like most of our members, you’ve been working from home since mid-March and your grocery bill has substantially increased. With an increase in food-spending and children at home, most immediately noticed an increase in the amount of food consumed.

There’s more time to cook, meaning bigger breakfasts. Often grazing throughout the morning, and then throughout the afternoon picking up a snack here and there. Most still managed to always find time to eat lunch,  still planned what was going to be for supper. And what about those late evening snacks…staying up late, eating too much – then doing it all over again the next day!


Our movement patterns had changed. We haven’t been running to work, then heading to the gym, then home. In those fast-paced days, we would grab a quick bite to eat, then right back out the door to swimming and gymnastics practice. We weren’t running around so much, and we were gaining weight. Our ‘winter weight’ is padding our waistline, and the promise we made after New Years to lose 10 pounds is haunting us again!


We started by making choices. These choices were easier for us to implement because, well, I’m the current Nutrition Coach at Torque. Even though our nutrition strayed off course, we had the knowledge and tools to right the ship. We went back to the basics of nutrition planning.

Here’s what we did:

  1. We bought whole foods rather than food products.
  2. We washed and chopped veggies so they were readily available.
  3. We organized our cupboards and fridge.
  4. We created a menu for the day, and stuck to it.
  5. We started drinking more water – way more water!


You can use those 5 steps as a guide, but if you are looking for guidance and accountability – or are flat-out struggling – we can help. If you are tasked with the responsibility to cook for your family, we can provide you with the framework to serve balanced meals and snacks to get your family through the day. We can give you the tools to take control of those urges and improve your relationship with food. It starts with a 15 minute call here.

Book that call before you get up and head to the fridge or pantry for your next snack!

-Coach Amanda

Breakfast in the Morning, Breakfast in the Evening, Breakfast at Supper Time

During our initial nutrition assessment, and often in our no-sweat introductory meeting, many nutrition clients tell me that they often don’t eat first thing in the morning, and opt for a cup or two of coffee instead.

While the temporary stimulation from the caffeine might provide a brief wake-up, the lack of nutrients and dehydrating effects of coffee are not the ideal start to the day.

Wait, Coach Amanda, you’re saying “Ditch the coffee???” Heck no! I’m not pushing for java-less mornings here!

Here’s a suggestion, to start the day with stable blood sugar levels, pair your favorite coffee with a balanced breakfast that includes protein, carbohydrates and some fat. If you delay eating and your blood sugars drop, your ability to handle stress and stay focused will suffer. [Ever hear of being ‘hangry’?] Breakfast is also your opportunity to ignite your metabolism. Let the calorie burning BEGIN!

For those who regularly break the overnight fast, this first meal is often loaded with excess fat, sodium and sugar. Fortunately, it is simple to quickly build a healthy breakfast if you have a plan. Of course, your plan will require some action steps, like acquiring the necessary grocery staples, and carving out the 5-15 minutes needed to prep and eat your meal when you get up.

What should be on the menu? It definitely should be something you enjoy eating! Tasty waffles or pancakes can be a healthy win, using a simple recipe that incorporates your fave protein powder(plant-based, whey or collagen, whatever your preference). Balance it off with a serving of berries, or try cucumber slices for a serving of fresh veggies.

Overnight oats are another easy win. Adding a scoop of chocolate or apple-cinnamon protein powder amps up the balance and a proper serving of almonds or cashews can complete the meal.

Love eggs? Taking 15 minutes to hard-boil a dozen in the evening will provide your centerpiece for several healthy morning meals – just add fresh fruit and a slice of your favorite toasted bread. I hear using hot sauce on the hard boiled eggs is a winner!

Super time-crunched in the morning? Set the ingredients for a smoothie in your blender cup and put in the fridge before bed, ready for a quick zip and pour into your favorite straw cup to sip your nutrients from.

These are just a few of the countless tips and tricks that can make meal planning simple. If you need help with planning, or the ACCOUNTABILITY of a Coach checking in and reinforcing your healthy habit-building (or all of the above), Nutrition Coaching at Torque is your solution!

Book your free No Snack Intro now! Our Nutrition Coach will call you to set up a virtual meeting to hear about your goals!

-Coach Amanda

Book here: https://crossfittorque.as.me/

Teens: Get Outside & Play!

Parents – Have you been fighting to peel your kids away from a screen and get them outside? Does your teen ignore you or deflect when you ask them pretty much anything, even more than they did BEFORE this period of quarantine began?

Our children were locked in for almost 3 months, isolated from their friends and feeling the effects of the lack of structure and regular physically-active play. While some teens are able to get outside more, the lack of sports camps and games is still harsh. Some kids might seem uncharacteristically withdrawn and quiet; while some share their pent-up energy with loud and uncontrolled bursts of noise and action. You might feel like your teen has managed to vanish right in their very own bedrooms, drifting online, looking for connection.

If you are noticing these behaviors in your children, you’re not alone. Many parents are sharing their concern and frustration and are looking for help.

The GREAT NEWS is that teen programs at Torque are back in action!

The last three weeks, resuming our Teen Classes (ages 13-17) almost broke the booking software as they were so eager to book their reserved spot in the classes!  Coach Vanessa loved seeing them reconnecting with others in their age group, as they gathered within the physical distancing parameters laid out with individual stations on our blacktop area. Everyone was loving getting their sweat on together, and the smiles were epic as they re-learned skills in the fundamentals that we teach.

Your teens need STRUCTURE and something to do! Sign them up for the Teen Classes TODAY!
Email admin@crossfittorque.com to sign up or receive more information.