Fundraise. Detect. Save || 2018 Barbells for Boobs @ Torque

Saturday October 6, 2018 CrossFit Torque hosted it’s 8th annual Barbells for Boobs Fundraising Event! 

This year was different than any other. In the years past (2011-2015), we gathered in pink and completed the workout called “Grace” and created shirts with the saying “Respect the Rack”. In 2016 and 2017, we rallied our efforts around supporting Coach Ali’s battle against cancer.

In 2018, we would be honored to have the founder of BFB, Zionna H, and her team Sarah, Patrick, Chris & Nate bless us at our event. Their goal was to not only support us in our fundraising efforts, but to share their story and educate our members about Right to Know (RTK) and Resources After Diagnosis (RAD). To date, Barbells for Boobs direct services have served 23,647 individuals, provided 45,225 procedures, and detected 351 cases of breast cancer.

TorqueNation had over 70 athletes show up to workout and support the event. We had 8 heats of athletes complete the workout.

We all signed our traditional tee shirt; as well as the BFB Tour Bus! We had a Beauty Bar set up to decorate ourselves in pink; and an Instagram frame to make those selfies even more fun!

Members baked amazingly tasty goodies and Fancy Pants Bakery donated cookies for our athletes to enjoy (proceeds going to BFB).

Jay from Ink’d was able to customize the official Open Road Tour BFB Tee shirts with a pink CrossFit Torque Logo – completely bada$$ thank you!

Our Raffle items were awesome! We had all 12 of them donated by members, who are so awesome for this!

Thank you to everyone who made this event successful and for supporting such a unique mission: from setting up prior to, the morning of, baking goodies, selling tickets, cleaning up, all of you are awesome!

With your help, BFB sold 42 tee shirts the day of ($1050 raised), collected $1286 cash donations, and $1476.20 donations online; for a rocking total of $3,812!!!

Check out the news story by channel 7.

For more photos, head to our Facebook page to see the full album!

2018 k4k Fundraiser recap!


CrossFit Torque hosted it’s 5th year of the 2018 kettlebells4kids Fundraising WOD to bring active play and fitness to homeless kids in our state this past Saturday September 15, 2018.  Thank you to leader Mikey on raising over $1000 towards our team! Follow this link if you would like to donate:


Except from our website: ​

#TorqueNation is also a very proud supporter of Kettlebells4Kids, a local charitable foundation set up by none other than Amie Owens, a long standing member and friend of CrossFit Torque. We were both delighted and honored to be the highest fundraising CrossFit Gym in their very first year, 2014. To find out more info, click on the links below. We will do whatever we can here in #TorqueNation to help spread the good word of these foundations and those like them, because without community spirit, we have nothing.

Bourbon & Barbells for Ali!

Bourbon & Barbells for #AliStrong!

Here at CrossFit Torque, we are all about community, health and fitness.

Please join us this Friday September 15 to support one of our own: Coach Alison McGaughran, and her husband Matty, as they continue over an eighteen-month long battle against Ali’s brain cancer


Here’s what to expect for the event! 

* A nice 8-10 min workout, because, well, we are a CrossFit gym (not required to participate). Depending on how many folks want to workout, we will have 2-3 heats, starting around 6:15 or so!

* FOOD! Because, well, we are human. CFT will be ordering some pizzas to munch on. If pizza isn’t your thing, which why wouldn’t it be (?!), then bring a snack you love!

* Enjoy samples of Michter’s Bourbon, Dalmore and Jura Scotch, Rye & Whiskey, and Rumhaven (sweeter)! Sean McNamara (hubby of ColleenM) of E&J Gallo Wine & Spirits, will be there to educate us and share the samples!

Rock some new #AliStrong gear at the event! Leading up to the day, CFT will be selling some awesome tank tops for $30 (proceeds also going to Coach Ali and Matty!) Pre-order by Monday August 28: Order here!


When: this Friday, September 15th 2017

Time: 6PM-8:30PM (no 6pm class)

Where: CrossFit Torque!

How much? $10 cash cover charge (all proceeds to Coach Ali’s fight against Brain Cancer)

RSVP: email Amanda to RSVP so she has a headcount for pizza

CrossFit Torque is looking for a Rockstar!

TorqueNation is Hiring!

Needed: Full-time Coach & General Manager


For the first time since we opened our doors in 2010, we are accepting applications for a full-time coaching position here at CrossFit Torque. In the past we have exclusively hired from within, and we are excited to consider applicants from the broader CrossFit Community, outside of our own!


We are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, highly energetic, patient, enthusiastic, compassionate, wake-up with a smile type of person.  At CrossFit Torque, we believe that personality, approach-ability and presence are qualities that we feel are important. If you are the personality we are looking for, but do not have the required coaching experience, we are willing to work with you; please still apply.


Our intentions are to find an individual that can be an asset to our coaching team and our community and will help grow our business.  We are looking for that person who will go above and beyond. This is a huge opportunity to become part of the TorqueNation community.


The requirements of the position are as follows (but not limited to):

**Full-Time (40+ hours/week Monday through Saturday) to include:

  • Coaching CrossFit Classes & Supplementary Classes (on-ramp, bootcamps, Olympic lifting, mobility, gymnastics, nutrition, etc)
  • Secondary Coaching (Floating or Shadowing)
  • Managerial & Administrative work
  • Building & Equipment Maintenance duties
  • Attendance at Special events (competitions, fundraisers, social events)


**This position will start between January 31st and February 25th

**Competitive Salary – starting salary will be based on experience

**10 days paid vacation; 3 paid holidays (4th of July, Thanksgiving & Christmas)

**Additional Revenue Stream options (clinics, workshops, on-ramps, membership & retail sales)



*CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

*2 Years Minimum Commitment to CFT

*2+ years of Experience with CrossFit

*1+ year of CrossFit Coaching Experience

*Competent with Computer Skills and Social Media

*Strong Work Ethic and Willingness to Learn

*CPR/AED certification

*Preferred: additional CrossFit Specialty Certifications


Interested? Please email Cover Letter detailing what CrossFit means to you; include Salary Requirements, and your Resume to owner Amanda: We will reach out to you to schedule an interview in person to talk further; and have a practical hands-on interview for those who reach the next step.


Thank you for your interest – we look forward to hearing from you!

2016 kettlebells4kids annual fundraiser

In case you missed what’s been going on lately here at #TorqueNation …

Friday September 16, we hosted our 3rd annual fundraising event for kettlebells4kids.

Group Shot

For those of you who are unfamiliar with k4k; the idea was born right here at CrossFit Torque back in 2014 and has grown through the cultivation from member Amie Owens into a nationally know fundraising effort in the CrossFit community.  To date, CrossFit Torque has raised over $20,000 for this non-profit in three years!

1st Heat
First Heat of the Night


This past Friday, we had over 40 athletes join us for a 9 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 9 kettlebell swings (no surprise there), 9 burpees, 9 kettlebell swings, and 9 box jumps. The goal is to get as many rounds and reps completed within the 9 minutes. This workout was created by CrossFit Torque owner Amanda, and Owner of CrossFit New England Ben Bergeron back in 2015.


We had plenty of family and friends join us for this grueling workout: mother and son, mother and daughter, father and daughter, father and son, mother-in-laws, siblings, boyfriend and girlfriend, friends of members, newer members, and coaches. What more could you ask for for a community driven event?

To top it all off, we enjoyed FitVine wine (post-workout), graciously donated by FitVine for our enjoyment (and donations). If you could not make it, and would like to donate, please head here: Donations count towards our page until the end of the year!

1800 kettlebells swings completed for k4k!

1800 Kettlebell Swings in under 18 minutes – thank you to the 9 of our athletes who helped swing kettlebells 1800 times to match the money raised by our friends at Potters Place in Walpole!


Thanks to our member Amie for starting this wonderful non-profit kettlebells4kids! To learn more about how you can be a part of this cause, head here.


Read the full article here!