Got Double-Unders?

Friday night 6-8:15pm JumpNrope will be here at Torque for the 7th year (9th seminar) in a row!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to fine tune your double-under technique, as well as achieve your first ever double-under! Molly starts with the basics to ensure the technique is sound. No matter where you are with your ability level, you will learn and leave a better rope jumper.

This is capped at 13 athletes, and we have just 3 spots left – you in? It’s an amazing 2.5 hours for just $60 (CFT members, $65 for non-members). You will find it to be worth every penny.

Email us if you are IN and want to register! Admin

JumpNrope Seminar!

JumpNrope is coming for the 9th time to CrossFit Torque to put on a wonderful and informative Double-Under / Jump Rope Seminar! This two hour seminar will leave you feeling more confident with your jumping rope skills. Spots are limited to 12, and we only have 5 left, so sign up now!

February 2020 Athlete Focus: Jen Schubert LeClerc

“Jen has to be one of the most underrated hilarious members at the gym – she always has a smile on her face when coming to the 8am class, even after her long commute to the gym! She adds a ton of energy to class (and competitive spirit) and it just a great person!” -Amanda

Member Since: February 27, 2014

My Name is Jen LeClerc but still go by Jen S (sorry Zac!) I’ve been a member of CrossFit Torque since Feb 2014. Most people wouldn’t know that I’m a competitive person & that I have an extra rib! 

Growing up I was always playing competitive sports. After college, I needed something to do that kept me in shape and felt like a team sport. Leaving work one day, I drove past the new CFT building being built and decided I wanted to try it. I haven’t looked back since.

What has kept you coming back to Torque?

Easy, the people. I drive 40 minutes each way passing 3 other CrossFit gyms because of the coaches and the people. It doesn’t matter how my morning starts; coming to the gym, seeing friends and laughing at some strange product one of us bought on amazon is the best part of my day.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

I feel like I have a couple special moments that make me proud. Every PR and every RX workout still makes me proud of the things my body is able to do – but the day I deadlifted 255lb for 3 reps is the memory that sticks out the most.

What has been your biggest challenge? 

My biggest challenge was coming back after 10 months off and trying to pick up where I left off. I had to realize that I was starting back from square one.

Another challenge for me in the beginning was always trying to finish first (competitive, sorry) but realizing how much better I feel when my movements are correct each time.

Do you have a favorite movement to do?

Box Jumps …..LOL… no I’m kidding; it would be Squat Cleans or Hang Power Cleans.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to start CrossFit but hasn’t yet?

Just try it! The coaches and people are what will bring you back. There is nothing like looking at the people who just went to hell and back on the same chipper as you, laughing because the workout didn’t kill you & knowing they will show up again tomorrow!

Thanks to Jen for being committed and loyal – not only to Torque, but to her health and fitness!

21 Day Fear Challenge

Hello TorqueNation!  I’m SO pumped to share with you a 21 Day challenge the gym will be doing starting on Monday February 24 and going until Saturday March 14. 

We will be working with Erika from ThoughtWOD – below is what it’s about…but before you get to that part, here’s the logistical information you need to know….

1) There will be a kickoff Facebook LIVE video on Sunday night the 23 where Erika will talk about the challenge and answer any questions you have – keep your eyes peeled for the time.
2) This will be part of every class for the 3 weeks…the 3-5 minutes will be built into the timeline. 
3) It may be uncomfortable, but it WILL be beneficial to so many aspects of your life! 4) We will end the 3 weeks with a FREE workshop for you all to attend from 9-11am on Saturday March 14th. It will include a kicka$$ workout and it’s all run by Erika Snyder!

We all have had days at the gym where we say “ugh, this is going to suck” or “that’s so many reps!” or “why is the workout only 6 minutes long?” or “I’m so bad at snatching so I don’t come on those days” Well here is your chance to discover why we are asking those questions, and how we can reframe our minds to get the most out of our hour at the gym!

Okay here we go…..

21 Day Fear Challenge 
You know you have fears. You even know what they are. You’re caught between a rock and a hard place having them, knowing them, but having no idea how to overcome them or where to start. You also often think you’re the only one who has it, has more of it, or even let it overcome them with paralysis by analysis. It’s not true. Everyone.feels.fear. They might just deal with it very differently from you. 

You show up to the gym and work hard for the results you have. You have good days, you have bad days. You have days that just are. Did you ever stop to think about what you think about and what that thinking gets in you in the gym and your life? Have you ever really tried to overcome your fear on a daily basis?

Well, now you have the opportunity to do it for 21 days at your gym, with your coaches, your buddies, and your whole community.
Every day with the WOD, you will get to read a snippet about fear. The snippet will include ways to think about fear and actionable steps to overcome it. You will get to implement this in your workout of the day. Slowly you will notice your beliefs and perspective shift. Your awareness around fear will be so heightened, it will be hard not to want to get better at it.

You will get a chance to put actionable tools to the test in your workout so you can learn how to deal with fear better. Through thought training and suggested actions to take, watch your perspective and beliefs change into being the athlete you know you can be but have been too afraid to be.

Dedicate 21 days to studying how you deal with fear, and on the other side will be growth, accomplishment, and fulfillment. What if you were a person who was not afraid to do things they’ve never done before? What if you could be the person who could move through fear with ease? Good news, it can be learned…and it’s time to learn it!

Obstacle Course Race Prep Class

Have an upcoming Obstacle Course Race scheduled?

Or maybe you’re curious about the Peg Boards, Sled Drags, Sledge Hammers, Tire Flips & Atlas Stones?

Join us for this 5 week session exposing you to the physical and mental elements of OCRacing! Choose all ten sessions, five, or a single class!

Tuesday February 24 7pm, Saturday Feb 28 9am for 5 consecutive weeks. See flyer below for Pricing and Registration info.

January 2020 Athlete Focus: Scott Hockman

Member since: February 23, 2015

“No matter what life throws at Scott for his traveling work schedule, he without a doubt finds a way to get into the gym! He’s coming up on his 5 year Torque-iversary! We love having him at the gym” – Amanda

We asked Scott to tell us more about him!
I am in sales for a financial services and travel pretty much every week.  I have 14 year old twin daughters (who I am hoping will start CrossFit after basketball season!).  I live in Norfolk and grew up in Norwood; I have lived in MA my entire life with the exception of living in London for 2 years for my job.  With work travel and teenagers, I don’t get a lot of time to myself but when I do, I enjoy golf and anything Boston sports related.

What was it about CrossFit Torque that made you want to join? 
I wanted to change up my workout routine.  I had been going to the gym 4-5 days a week and just felt my workouts were stagnant and I was not getting the results I wanted.  I was definitely nervous going into the on-ramp program, but Coach Ali and Amanda were amazing and I was hooked!

What has kept you coming back to Torque day after day?
The coaches and the members are the best.  The support you get on a daily basis is truly amazing.  The fact that the workouts are so varied is one of my favorite things about CFT.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?
My proudest accomplishment is the fact that I can complete the workouts.  There are a lot of movements where I struggle because of my mobility restrictions, but the coaches always come up with alternatives for me.

What has been your biggest challenge? 
Anything that requires shoulder range of motion and mobility.  I still have a ways to go but compared to where I was when I first started, it is night and day.

Do you have a favorite movement to do?
Anything squat related (just not overhead!)

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to start CrossFit but hasn’t yet?
I would just tell them to not be intimidated and that while the WODs are challenging, they are doable. Also that “you lose it if you don’t use it” so get moving!

December Athlete Focus 2019: Amie Owens

Member Since: January 14, 2012

“Amie has been with us a part of the TorqueNation family since she was an employee at ReebokHQ (part of the original team who partnered with CFHQ back in 2009/2010). She always brings a smile to class and is the FIRST to introduce herself to new faces at the gym, and the first to volunteer herself for an event at the gym. She created one of our #TorqueNationCares non-profits: k4k (kettlebell4kids) back in 2014 and leads the team today. It has a fantastic mission – check it out!” -Amanda

Hello! I am a brand strategy and global insights consultant by day and founder/president of kettlebells4kids by night. Having worked at Reebok, I did all of the undercover investigation on “these crazy people, who do ridiculously insane workouts” to determine if Reebok and CrossFit would be a good fit. I quickly learned that this thing called CrossFit was simply a group of genuine people united by the desire to help themselves and everyone around them get stronger.

I joined the CrossFit Torque family in November, 2011. I remember walking into CFT for my first 1:1 session with former Coach Kenny and almost cried when I couldn’t even hold my own body weight on the rings! It was a moment I will never forget. I remember thinking, “how on earth can I be this weak?”. I knew that day that I was committed to getting stronger.

From day one there has never been any judgement from the coaches at Torque. Many times I am the last to finish a workout, yet coaches and members are always there with me when I finish. There has never been a time when I have felt embarrassed of giving it my best. While I can get frustrated with myself, the coaches (and members) are always reminding me that every day I show up, I am still getting stronger.

I am proud of many things that I have accomplished. One of the biggest milestones for me was running my first mile on April 16, 2013. It was the morning after the Boston Marathon bombings. Until that day I had always allowed asthma to tell me that I couldn’t run. I remember that morning thinking “…but I can run. I am here today, I have two legs. I can run.” So I ran, one mile at Torque, and didn’t stop for the first time in my life. Flash forward to February 12, 2017 ~ one of my proudest (and one of the hardest) moments was receiving my CrossFit Level 1 certification, followed by CF Kids cert. 

I love when a workout involves rope climbs, kipping pull-ups and handstand push-ups (um, one day without 2 ab mats – HAHA!) 

I think the biggest challenge for me, is ME. We all have good days and bad. For me it is about not getting frustrated with myself when old (non-CrossFit) injuries flare up and remember I can always scale any movement and still get a great workout!

So, here’s my advice to someone who wants to start CrossFit but hasn’t been able to convince themselves:

You are never too old to start CrossFit. I celebrated my 1/2 way to 100 (a.k.a. 50) a couple of years ago and made a promise to myself that day, after I finally did the ‘Filthy 50’ (workout). I will not let my age define what I can or can’t do. I no longer think of working out as something I have to do – it is something I can do and something I get to do with the encouraging coaches and motivating members at CrossFit Torque.

“Just. Keep. Moving.”