Celebrating 10 years: Member Appreciation Week 2020

As we quickly approach our 10 year anniversary on Sunday December 6, I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You.

Thank you to everyone over the years who have come into our doors at Torque.

Thank you to my parents and family for believing in this thing called CrossFit Torque back in 2010 when no one knew of the name CrossFit.

Thank you to every Coach we have had over the years; you have made us grow in so many ways!

To think about how we started in just 600 sq ft and now we are living in a custom built 4000 sq ft palace is amazing to me.

We have been changing lives for 10 years. What we are is not just a gym. We aren’t just a place to exercise. When someone asks me what I do for a living, I say “Positively Change Lives.”

People to come to us to make life long lasting changes. To improve themselves: physically, mentally, spiritually, you name it.

We are thrilled to be celebrating with our members through the entire week of Dec 7 – 12th. (We wish it could be in the form of our annual party, but that will have to wait until Summer time!)

Current members at the gym will be ‘thanked’ all week in so many different ways: free product from our wholesale partners; discounts on our retail items; a Nutrition packed day with our Registered Dietitian on staff, Coach Jamie; spreading the love at our local small business friends Crosby’s coffee shop; and so much more.

In addition to that, every class our members attend next week will be a chance to win one of our awesome prize packages! Prizes will consist of Jump ropes donated from JumpNRope, Robbee’s Honey (our original and first member), a 30 min PT session with a Torque Coach, Retail Torque Bucks and more!

We are even making individual deliveries to our members’ houses who have been virtually with us since March!

It will be a great opportunity to celebrate. Celebrate something positive and happy in this world, when so much around us can be defeating. We are a place that brings people up; where we want you to feel more amazing leaving than when you arrived.

Here’s to ending 2020 with some positivity and starting 2021 off with a bang!

Additional Thank you to our Client Success Manager and rockstar Christine (Chris) Ciampa, to whom without her, this entire week would not exist!

Thanks for Nutrition Coach Jamie for taking the time to put together the entire day’s worth of knowledge, and the Golden Tickets and prizes!

Thank you to our wholesale partners:

JumpNRope – Molly is THE best! Oh and their Jump Rope is by far superior! They generously donated a bunch of jump ropes and speed balls!

Ascent Protein – for donating single serve packs and providing a sampling to members – and fueling our members with protein for the last few years!

RX Bar for donating some of their seasonal bars for members to enjoy.

Fuel for Fire to donating product for our members to enjoy.

Ultima for donating product for our members to enjoy.

Thanks to current members Rob Belcher for donating the Honey for the prizes! We have jars of Robbees Honey for sale at the gym.

Thanks to current member Sarah Christie for allowing us to share her yummy granola bar company: The Original Woodstock Bar.

Thank you to Crosby’s coffee – our friends and local business just trying to survive this worldwide pandemic. Their coffee is quite delicious and a staple in our household. They just opened up hours on Monday’s – head over to say hi to Meg and company!

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