Chris did what!? 🤩

TorqueNation! We wanted to share something with you that we are INCREDIBLY proud of! 

Our very own Chris had a personal mission of helping kids with cancer and their families. But not in the traditional way most think of.

The funds raised go to Buzz for Kids: their focus is on the following: 

Kids with cancer are still just kids. They love movie nights, play dates, ice cream and pizza parties. They love books, games, and toys. And One Mission does whatever it takes to make those things possible for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Whether it’s decorating a hospital room, providing art kits and crafts, putting on birthday parties and holiday celebrations or paying for expensive hospital parking, these things go a long way to making life better during treatment for kids fighting cancer and their families.

Chris did something amazing this past Sunday. She raised money and BUZZED her head! (see attached photo)

Read more of her story here: Christine Ciampa Fundraising Page

You can also donate if you would like!

​Chris is one of those people in our lives who we all should be proud to know; I know how honored I feel to have her at Torque and in my family’s lives. She genuinely cares about everyone she interacts with.​

Chris is making an #IMPACT and creating a legacy for her family.

Congrats on an amazing endeavor Chris! 

-Amanda, Sara & Ember Chace

Chris Frank Buzz Hair
Husband Frank & Chris
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