CrossFit Torque’s Mission

CrossFit Torque’s mission is to meaningfully improve the life of 3,500 people through health and fitness. We chose this number because when we were founded in 2010, the population of Norfolk County (where Foxboro is located) was 1673,019 people with an annual growth rate of 5%. So we thought over the next 30 years, if we could serve over 10% of that annual growth rate, resulting in 3,500 people, that this could be the catalyst for changing the entire community.

Our theory is that by serving this population, by improving their health and fitness knowledge, practice and habits, it will inspire, motivate and impact the entire population.

In general 1 person can impact 9 others

  • through inspirational stories,
  • through sharing of knowledge,
  • through direct changes: if I change the diet of Mom, then everyone else in the family will change; if a newly married couple participates in little community challenges and such then their kids probably will too.

And over the course of 30 years, we are actually impacting generations. Our goal is not just to make people live longer, but also to have more meaningful lives and increase not just their longevity but increase their vitality.

We want people to have

  • happier lives,
  • healthier lives,
  • more fulfilling lives,
  • and we want them to enjoy those lives more, without those comorbidities, without the general decline in health that leads to less quality of life, especially in later years.

We want to bring people in, not necessarily to keep them as a client for 30 years, but to

  • teach them how to enjoy fitness,
  • help them find health and fitness pursuits they really like,
  • and help them enjoy fitness over the next 30 years, whether that’s a part of the Torque family for that long or not.

In general, the average person that joins our gym at CrossFit Torque, stays for about 3.5 years, but they continue exercising, healthy eating habits, and continue their passion for fitness for decades.

Our mission will continue until we hit our target of 3,500 people because we want to have a meaningful, multi-generational impact in Foxboro and Norfolk County.

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