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Coach Jamie and Chris recently wrapped up the latest nutrition kickstart “Gettin’ It Done In 2021.” The New Year started, and the purpose of this kickstart challenge was to encourage more veggies, water, exercise, sleep and limit alcohol through accountability and nutritional coaching.

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Humans are creatures of habits; some good and some bad. When we focus on adding in healthy habits (more fruit/veg, water, exercise, sleep), it tends to weed out the ‘not so ideal’ habits. For example, if you are trying to consume 6 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, then you will mostly likely be too full to consume the foods that aren’t as good for you.

A lot of the time, during nutritional counseling with my clients, I focus more on adding in the healthier foods because diet culture can be very negative. Often I hear people tell me that they need to cut out all these different food items to lose weight and feel better. It can become quite negative. This is why I focus more on adding in the good stuff!

This kickstart was only 30 days and it was meant to get the athletes to start the year on ‘the right foot.’ In just 30 days there were many amazing results.

Some Great Results Included:

***So far, I have been walking about 3 miles per day.  This is boosting my energy and making me sleep SOOOOO much better! I like that this plan is easy….no calorie counting or starvation!  It’s a real plan you can follow for life! My biggest challenge was cutting out the alcohol on the weekends…but I have found it so rewarding!!!!

***My success is that I have been drinking so much water. I feel so much more hydrated. I have not had a single headache and I significantly reduced my coffee intake to 2-3 a week instead of 2 a day!!! I guess I would attribute that to having more energy because of the increased water intake as well as increasing my food throughout the day. I also used to be quite the grazer and found myself eating packets of kids fruit snacks or candy just for a quick pick me up and I haven’t been doing that.

***There were multiple reports of increased energy, better sleep, less headaches, and we had one athlete lose 8 pounds and another who lost 2 pounds.

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One of the major take-aways from this kickstart was meal prepping, planning and keeping organized. When you plan your meals and take the time to cook ahead, you are less likely to eat something that strays off your plan because you took the time to make and plan.

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This kickstart was very successful and I am so proud of everyone that participated!

As always I am here to help with your nutritional journey! You can reach me at Nutrition@Crossfittorque.com

Jamie Norton RD LDN

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