Event Open to Torque MEMBERS!

Imagine working with doctors and health coaches who “get it.”  Health professionals who train like you and understand how fitness is foundational to good health.

On FRIDAY, JULY 22 at 6pm, Erika Snyder, a Health Coach with Wild Health will join us at Torque Health & Fitness to discuss the benefits of precision medicine.

The Wild Health team is led by health coaches and physicians who are CrossFit Trainers, Affiliate owners, and athletes passionate about bringing together fitness & precision medicine.

After this conversation, you’ll know how Wild Health can help you improve your health by:

  • Providing individualized care through precise genomic and biomarker testing to address your specific risks and needs
  • Recommending data-driven, proactive lifestyle changes to keep you healthier before there’s a problem, not just reactive pills and procedures
  • Providing primary care when you need it for your everyday health needs, prescriptions, and referrals.

Attendees will enjoy an exclusive discount on Wild Health!

Please RSVP for this event HERE, and please contact admin@crossfittorque.com if you’d like more information!

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