Feb 2021 Member Highlight – Lindsey Barbo-Nowak

Lindsey is one of the very few people I know who voluntarily chooses to do burpees – I find that absolutely amazing! She has been with us for over 6.5 years and continued to trust us to take care of her during her three pregnancies. She is one of the funniest, under-your-breath-humor people that we know! Thanks for being awesome Larbo!

Coach Amanda

Member since October 2014

Hi – I am Lindsey Barbo-Nowak – February, 2021, Member Highlight! 
A Proud Torque member since October, 2014.

If one ever noticed me immediately wiping the excess chalk that had gotten on my shirt, one may not be surprised to hear that I am a total clean freak!! To the point where I do not allow shoes in my house;  it makes me cringe if someone accidentally does it. Moreover, the closets in my home are color coordinated by seasons. Some may say that I excessively concerned about organization and cleanliness – Guilty! But it keeps order in my life!!

In my spare time, I love to run long distances and explore new roads to continue my passion for running in different surrounding. I prefer the warmer weather, but despite these 20 degree days it does not stop me from getting out there.

My husband, Jon and I were married about 4.5 years ago.  I had met his sister one summer through a mutual friend and she was the one who introduced Jon and I. I figured it would be a fun summer to spend time together but then come September, I decided to keep him around for the next 100 or so years.

I had originally joined CrossFit Torque because I wanted an alternative to running on the treadmill in the snowy winter and when I lived in North Carolina my roommate did CrossFit and raved about her CrossFit workouts. I was hesitant to try with her since the southern weather allowed me to run outside but once I moved back to MA, I signed up!!! And extremely thrilled that I had!

Early on, I thought I would be a “snowbird” member at Torque – only come to the gym November through February and once the snow cleared I would get back to running outside, daily. But it did not take too many classes for me to realize that was a very bad plan because I was so enjoying all that is Torque!! I am committed! I love the sense of community and the constant motivation to push oneself to perform better. I have learned so much in the past six years at CrossFit Torque and feel better every day I come.  

The proudest moment – maintaining my CrossFit Torque classes through two full term pregnancies and now half way through my third. A very fond memory that I recall was when my mobility was impacted during the delivery of our second cute daughter with the incredible amount of pressure on one of my nerves. I could not walk properly for quite some time; I limped for what felt like forever. But with the assistance from Coach Jake who created work outs that I could do that aligned well with the general theme of the class, I was soon back to walking comfortably and with no limp – I am so grateful for his time and programming – it really assisted with my speedy recovery. 

My biggest challenge here at CrossFit Torque is my inability to row with any sort of speed – I can not even explain why!! Coach Amanda could however!

Personally, my favorite movement are BURPEES, hands down no questions asked!! I love that it is a true body weight movement and you can do it anywhere anytime. It so simple but it really gets the heart rate up. I mean..… what’s not to love about them?! (Don’t answer that!).

A realistic and solid piece of advice for someone who might be hesitant to start CrossFit  – like Nike says, “Just Do It”. There is never any harm to just try something, one may surprise him/herself and meet some pretty cool people along the way, as I have. And, as mentioned previously, the workouts at Torque and the Torque team make my day better!!

If I had a superpower it would be to duplicate or triplicate myself so I could do everything I want to accomplish in a day!!!
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