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February 2022 Member of the Month: John Gentile

Member Since: January 19, 2019

I’m John, originally from Brockton but have lived in Foxboro for the past 12 years with my wife, Pam.  We have 2 small kids, ages 5 and 7 who keep us busy.  We met many years ago while I was playing high school baseball and Pam came to a game with a friend to watch her friend’s cousin play, who was my teammate.

Professionally, I own a 3D design business, Blue Pixel 3D.  I partner with architects, builders, real estate developers and agents to produce photorealistic renderings of what the design will look like prior to the new build or renovation.  I didn’t start my career in 3D but about 10 years ago, I decided to pursue something more creative.  I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of many exciting projects, including several local projects at Patriot Place.  It’s never too late to make a change.  In addition to 3D, I love buying rental properties, fixing them up, and renting them out.  

In my down time, my favorite things are spending time with my family and golf.  I play in a Foxboro softball league and enjoy meeting new people with similar interests.  And of course, I love going to CrossFit!

I heard about Torque through a friend, who is a longtime member.  I originally was doing CrossFit at home using apps. I wanted more of a challenge as I felt like I was plateauing at home.  And of course, I couldn’t do Olympic barbell lifts, rope climbs, and tire flips in my house!  Torque has been a great fit for my lifestyle.  I enjoy being pushed by the supportive coaches and like being part of a community who cares about its members. 

I love the workouts, fellow athletes, and coaches. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere and no one takes themselves too seriously.  People want to compete and get a good workout, but everyone is working within their means.  To me, the workouts feel like an obstacle course because of the variety of movements. You get to tap into your inner child by doing the basic movements we forget about as we get older, such as jumping and climbing.  I’ve also enjoyed the challenge of becoming stronger and more confident with my weaker movements, such as overhead squats. 

I have done all the Open workouts since starting at Torque 3 years ago.  They are no joke!  I have pushed myself beyond limits I didn’t know that I was capable of. I usually scale the Open workouts, but this year I was able to RX a couple. I also finished Murph in under 40 minutes this year which is something I wanted to do. Lastly, strengthening my shoulders. This was a weak area for me coming in.  New movements like handstand push-ups, snatches, and overhead squats have strengthened and improved mobility in my shoulders to where they haven’t been in years.

Double-unders. I hardly jumped rope prior to Torque, so the fact that I can do a few doubles with singles sprinkled in between is solid for me.  I’m still working on stringing together consecutive double-unders in my free time.

Rope climbs – because we rarely get to climb in life!  My runner ups would be snatches and squat cleans.

CrossFit is a very welcoming atmosphere for all different athletes at any age or ability.  If you show up and put in the effort, you will see results. There is a real sense of accomplishment that comes along with it. You will learn a lot about yourself and what you are capable of.  The coaches can teach you so much and take you to the next level. I always look forward to seeing the workout of the day.

 To duplicate myself. I would get a lot more done!

Thank you Torque, for always keeping in touch with me through texts, birthday wishes, and CrossFit anniversaries.

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