ForeverFit Athletes want more!

TorqueNation is thrilled to announce another 6 week sessions of ForeverFit!

The classes will be offered on the following days and times:

Monday’s 11am-12pm
Tuesday’s 11am-12pm
Thursdays 11am-12pm
Monday’s 6-7pm
Wednesday’s 6-7pm

The pricing will be (cash or check): 

18 classes for $187.99
12 classes for $124.99
or 6 classes for $69.99
(also available is a drop-in class for $15 cash)

Here are a few of our athletes speaking about the classes! Watch this video!

What is ForeverFit?

Do you identify with any of the above? Listen, life is more demanding than ever before, but it’s never too late to feel strong and empowered! We are looking to add vigour to your life and help you do all the things you want to do every day.


Torque ForeverFit is a small specialty group for women and men aged 55+. All levels of fitness experience and abilities are welcome! This class is designed to help keep you moving and help you live your best life!


ForeverFit is a safe and fun way to develop your functional strength, improve your energy levels, coordination, and balance, and meet like-minded individuals to share your fitness journey with! Owner & Head Coach Amanda and Torque’s experienced Staff will help you become more comfortable with different types of weights and exercises, while adapting for old injuries or mobility limitations. Our program is built to provide scaling options to allow an individually beneficial workout. If your goal is to bring all of the groceries in the house in one trip, we can help prepare you!


A typical class will be just under sixty minutes long. Our warm-up will get your blood flowing and muscles ready to work. Our workouts will focus on functional mobility. Whether you are a fitness beginner or a former athlete, you will learn the basic foundational movements found in all workouts that are always led by a qualified coach. You will receive constant instruction and supervision.


Studies show that adults 65 years and older who strength trained twice a week had a 46% lower mortality rate and that strength training reduces all causes of death, including cancer and cardiac death.


This six-week program, meeting two times per week, will empower you to learn and perform bone-building movements and safely lift weights so you can continue enjoying a high quality and fulfilled life. It’s never too late to hang with us at CrossFit Torque!


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