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OPEN HOUSE / RE-GRAND OPENING this Sunday from 11am-2pm – please park at Chace Building Supply and leave the spots outside the box for visitors!
Join us at our Open House to celebrate the re-grand opening of CrossFit Torque.
The growth and success we have seen since opening in Dec 2010 has been amazing. Let’s keep the momentum going – invite any and all of your friends and family to hang out, talk to our coaches, watch CrossFit workouts live, and try out a CrossFit workout for free! Stop by and chat with one of our coaches to learn about our membership deal of the month!
Tentative Schedule:
11:30am WOD Demo by current members
11:45am Free workout for those who want to try us!
12:30pm WOD Demo by current members
12:45pm Free workout for those who want to try us!
1:30pm WOD Demo by current members

New space – All classes from now on will be at our new space at 129 Washington st – big red building!
*Ready to take your fitness to the next level? It all starts with nutrition. We can’t improve without proper nutrition. We all love CrossFit because of the community atmosphere and motivation that comes with it. Let’s apply that same thing to a nutrition challenge. The LuRong Living Paleo Challenge is a national challenge that over 1000 affiliates participate in. It will provide the tools you need to start to get your nutrition on track (or help it get to the next level!) We already have a handful of CF Torque members signed up – let’s get more and create a healthier community. for more information or to register, go here:
*Itching to try a local CrossFit competition? Check out this one in Ashland for those novice and intermediate athletes! There are currently 12 CF Torque athletes signed up for this event. We will go as a box, set up tents, rock CFT gear, and cheer on our fellow athletes as they have a FUN competitive day!
*Why we wear Olympic Lifting shoes: Interested in buying a pair of Reeboks? Email CFT.Amanda@Gmail.comfor more information and a potential discount
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Thursday September 5, 2013
Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3
AMRAP in 15 min of:
5 Front Squats, 155 / 105# (135/95, 115/75)
10 Pull-ups
20 Double-Unders
Post your rounds/reps to comments!




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