Getting Back To It


Recently I received a text from a Torque member saying they took the day off from CrossFit and did yoga for the first time in a while.

They wanted to get back to their craft.

The last 8.5 weeks has put a damper on a lot of things we have enjoyed in the past.

For this person, it was yoga. Something they taught on a regular basis, something they are extremely passionate about.

So why did it fizzle the last two months? Because our time and schedules have been turned upside down.

We were born into a structured society. Schools, starting in kindergarten, have timelines for each day. We make our way through elementary, middle and high school; pushed into college, and straight into a 9-5 job.

And on our weekends, things seemed to be less structured.

Suddenly, Tuesday March 17, 2020 and each day after, became a weekend feel day. There were no more alarms to get up in time for the school bus. There was no more jumping in the car to head to CrossFit Torque for class, then on to the Yoga studio to share a passion and helping others.

So what can we do about it while there are so many unknowns?

How do we create our new normal?

Grab a piece of paper, or open Notes on your phone.

Write down the things that

-make you smile,

-bring joy to your life,

-make you laugh,

-provide fulfillment.

Now pick one of those, circle it, underline it three times; do whatever you need to do to commit.

Commit to bringing that back into your life. What does that look like? How can you make that happen?

You can do this. We can help.

-Coach Amanda

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