What a ride 2020 has been so far huh? It’s easy to sit back and become overwhelmed with things out of our control. With so many changes coming fast and furiously, we’ve had to adapt to something new on a weekly basis. While change can definitely be a catalyst for growth, there are times when it can be difficult to see through the noise of the world around us and spot the potential areas of growth.

There are a few ways to sort through the distractions. Most of these strategies are surprisingly simple, and once you put them in place, will help ground you, and keep you moving towards the things that are most important to you. Ready to hear the answer?

Find a coach, guide or mentor for each major area of your life.

Starting with of course, our favorite:


Find a Coach who enjoys taking the time to learn about you and listen to not just your goals, but the driving ‘Why’ behind them. A great Coach will help lay the groundwork AND hold you accountable to making progress. A little effort each day quickly turns into weeks of habit building, and months later you’re a healthier human being! Simply showing up to a class, without the relationships and accountability is not enough.


If you want to improve it, the first step is getting direction from someone who can streamline your nutrition into easy steps. There are an overwhelming amount of “best diet ever!” plans out there. Most are far too complicated and offer only short-term results. 99% of clients we work with are in need of long term sustainable nutrition habits, not short term fixes. The best nutrition plans are the ones that provide education, hold you accountable and on track with your goals and habits.


Find a mentor. Not only does having someone to bounce ideas off of and help you through difficult decisions incredibly useful, but a great mentor listens and guides you towards your goals one step at a time. They are the sounding board to help filter through things that are just distracting you. There are mentors in almost every area of expertise, so find one that will help you grow in an area you haven’t worked on before.


Find someone who can mentor you through the stage of life you’re in or trying to reach. Ask for advice. Ask what lessons they learned from their mistakes. The experiences of others can help us avoid mistakes and setbacks, as well as teach us how to achieve our goals in a disciplined, yet balanced way.


For many, trusting the advice of another person takes a level of humility and willingness to listen and learn.

Growth comes from opening up and letting others help.

Find a mentor or coach in one of the areas above and email me about your experience – We’d love to hear about it!

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