Healthy Shopping List

While shopping at the grocery store, try to get most of your foods (~80%) from the perimeter of the food store. You will notice most of the whole, unprocessed foods are along the outside.

Fruits❖ Berries❖ Apples❖ Pineapple❖ Oranges❖ Kiwi❖ Peaches❖ Plums❖ Any in-season fruitVegetables❖ Onion❖ Spinach, kale❖ Cucumber❖ Zucchini, squash❖ Green Beans❖ Brussel Sprouts❖ Peppers❖ Any in-season vegetable
Protein❖ Boneless, skinless chicken breast❖ Wild Salmon❖ Haddock, trout, cod, halibut❖ Turkey Breast❖ Lean Beef (90% or greater)❖ Eggs❖ Low-fat or fat-free plain Greek yogurt❖ Skim milk, kefir Healthy Fats❖ Extra virgin olive oil❖ Olive oil❖ Ghee❖ Extra virgin coconut oil❖ Avocado❖ Almond Butter❖ Chia/Flax seeds❖ Almonds, cashews, walnuts
Grains, Legumes and Starches❖ Oatmeal❖ Sweet potatoes❖ Brown rice, quinoa❖ Whole wheat breads, tortillas, pastaFrozen Foods❖ Steamer vegetables of your choice❖ Chopped vegetables without sauces or added salty seasonings❖ No sugar added berries or fruit 
Canned Goods❖ Canned goods can be a way to save money however be mindful of the sodium content!o Crushed, diced or whole tomatoeso Low-Sodium vegetable or chicken brotho No salt added black or kidney beanso Chunk light tuna in watero Low-sodium soup
Oils, Condiments and Seasonings❖ Extra virgin olive oil❖ Mustard, hot sauce (low sodium)❖ Black pepper or any other seasoning that does not contain a high amount of salt

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