Holiday Temptation!

How to Deal with Temptation Over the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, temptation to make poor eating decisions is going to be at an all time high. Now it may seem like you only have two options over the next few weeks, either say screw it and eat whatever you want until the New Year(not a great option because then you’ll feel guilty about your choices and you might actually gain weight.)  Or you can be the stick in the mud at every party and outing, drinking your Corona lites and not eating any delicious treats, also not super fun for the people who have to be around you.
But fortunately there is a third option, plan your cheat meals!  If you know that Saturday night you’re hitting up 2 Christmas Parties and then your cousin’s’ girlfriend’s Hanukkah extravaganza, you should plan your day accordingly and try minimize the amounts of carbs and fats you eat leading up to it.  This way you can feel less guilty going into the night and actually enjoy yourself.

So here are a few tips for enjoying yourself responsibly this holiday season:

  1. Eat as clean as you can throughout the day leading up to the event you know you’ll be indulging at
  2. Fill up on the good stuff, so eat as much protein and veggies as possible, then you’ll have a little less room for junk because you won’t be starving!
  3. Give yourself a 2-hour window in which to eat whatever you want! But make a deal with yourself that as soon as the clock strikes 10 pm, you turn back into a healthy eating pumpkin.
  4. If you know you’re going to have an entire day filled with temptation, feel less guilty by eating as healthy as you can for a few days prior, then the impact won’t be as bad!
  5. Make it good, it’s not everyday that we get to eat these delicious treats, so make it count and only have your true favorites.

But don’t worry if you do slip up, because our Put Some Torque on your Fork nutrition challenge starts January 15th! Sign up by January 2nd for a discounted rate!

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