How do you fuel your workouts?

A well-rounded meal is recommended 3-4 hours prior to the workout. A well-rounded meal meaning it consists of all the macronutrients (baked chicken, green beans, and sweet potato or turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with strawberries).

For 60-90 minutes prior to exercise, a general rule of thumb is to pick a snack that is mostly carbohydrate-based. It can include protein for prolonged energy.

During digestion, blood flows to the stomach, and during exercise, you need blood to flow to the muscles to provide energy. Therefore, pre-exercise snacks should be easily digested so blood can still flow to the muscles during exercise. 

Post-exercise snacks help to replace muscle fuel lost during the exercise and replenish fluids however it does not interfere with the next meal. If exercise is after dinner then a more filling snack can be consumed. 

Be sure to plan ahead so that food and snacks can be easily grabbed. Every individual is different and may have something that works better, or differently for them so you will get into a routine that works well for you!

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