How I Saved the World

“Your gym saved my life.”

When I first heard that, I thought she was talking about reducing medications and preventing diseases like diabetes and heart disease. But I was wrong.

She had tears in her eyes.

“I wasn’t in a good place. I hadn’t been for a while. My therapist told me this would be a good idea, to give it a try.”

She’s not the first person in the last 10 years who has said our gym has contributed to preventing a tragedy.

This wasn’t how I thought I’d save the world.

When I was 22, I was going to start a CrossFit gym: to provide a workout that was so enjoyable it would keep people coming back for me. The goal was to make people healthy again. I was fighting against (and still am) the ‘fake guru’s’ out there who claim this magic pill will solve all the health problems.

The battle over the years is so prevalent on social media, it seems overwhelming to say the least. But here’s the problem with that approach: the more I focused on what was wrong, the less I was able to focus on what I could do to help.

2020 was year to reflect. To focus on what we could control. My advice: let go of about 80% of the stuff you’re worried about.

By focusing in on what you can control (especially mindset), you’re helping save the world. Take action.

That’s what I do every day: take action. I come into CrossFit Torque and help save lives. Maybe it’s helping someone’s mind and soul, like the woman above; or maybe it’s helping another get off cholesterol medication. As long as I am focusing on the daily changes, I know I’m making a difference.

Your turn. You may not change ‘the entire world’ tomorrow. But you can make positive change in your world, today. And your mother, your neighbor, your friend, and so on.

This is how we save the world.

-Coach Amanda

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