"I know I Should Lift Weights, but I Don't Want to Bulk Up"

“I know I should lift weights, but I don’t want to bulk up. Will that happen?”
This is one of the top five phrases we hear during one of our No Sweat Intro discussions. Most people we talk to are under the assumption that if they lift any weights, then they will suddenly look like a bodybuilder and be bulky, or even one of those competitive CrossFit athlete’s they have seen on ESPN.  We especially hear this from our female population.
I’m here to tell you the following.
In order to look like, and perform like, the competitive athletes you see, you would need to be doing not just one workout per day, but two to three each and every day. On top of that, you would need to have a personal nutritionist on your side, because consuming a massive diet will be the only way to sustain the hard training. Maybe even a personal chef (I mean, who wouldn’t want a personal chef!??) Then, once they have trained multiple times a day and consumed thousands of calories, they would need to spend a whole lot of time sleeping in order to recover from the multiple (heavy) training sessions.
Do you have time to do that? Not even time, let’s talk about goals. Is your goal to compete at a higher level (CrossFit or Body Building Competitions)?
Most of us do not have the time to devote to this, nor this intense goal.
So let’s talk about us; the average population of folks looking to feel better and be healthier. There are major benefits from strength training with an efficient workout regimen that will fit into our busy schedules. And the best part is that here at CrossFit Torque we have perfected the delivery of life-changing fitness programs that can be done at home, in the gym, or both!
The magic happens we force our muscles to work a little harder than they are used to.
Pushing, pulling and swinging objects in different volumes and orders will create intensity, in turn SHAPING and SCULPTING our bodies. When we do this type of exercise we are starting up our calorie-burning engine.
Calorie-burning you say? That must mean the opposite of bulking up starts to happen, right? YES!
When you start to combine challenging weights with full-body movements in short and medium-length workouts, the results will come quick:

  • Our pants waistbands become a bit looser.
  • Our shirts start to fit better.
  • Our posture improves … and often our back pain will subside!

Looking for more? A well thought out nutrition program will help you start burning more calories than you consume, and you’ll start to slim down and tighten up even more.
If you are ready to start forming that fit, trim and healthy physique that you have always wanted, without getting “bulky”, we can help.
Your new path can start today – Book a No Sweat Intro here to discuss your goals. We will show you how we can get you there!

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