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Member Since: June 22, 2021

“Halle is an exceptional athlete for her age. Outside of having perfect attendance to every Teen Class, she also takes on another personal training session in between the classes because she understands the importance of fitness in our everyday lives. She is very disciplined, and tackles every workout with everything she has, regardless of the difficulty.” -Coach Julian

Torque has helped me stay active and provide my schedule of school work and family and friends with movement. My mood is better when I come out of the gym and has boosted my overall confidence in my everyday life.

I needed to workout, but I didn’t want to commit to a sport. CrossFit seemed like a good idea for me considering the various movements and exercises involved with it, so I joined to try something new and workout more parts of my body than I would playing a sport.

CrossFit Torque has become a safe place for me to workout and all the trainers I’ve worked with have been patient, kind, and understanding. I have learned a lot from my trainer and I’ve been in better spirits since I started working out here. I feel more educated and can see the visible difference from my first time spent in CFT.

I feel most proud for continuing to show up even when there’s time where I feel like I can’t, but I always walk out feeling the best type of tired and happy with myself. I’ve seen and felt the change in myself and my confidence which has been a great accomplishment to me.

Being in a class with older or more athletic kids has been a challenge for me, but I’ve come to realize that I show up and I workout for myself, so regardless of how I do, I still do it.

Getting to know and see the different sides of the kids or trainers I workout with has given me so many good memories. Now when I go, I am always thinking of the many more memories the class will bring.

Personally, I have come to really enjoy my time in the gym even though my start was scary and new. I’ve grown to understand exercises and love the sweat I break from every class. Starting something new will almost always be scary, but the end result is so worth it.

I would want to fly because I have always imagined flying as euphoric. I also just like that it can be used as an easy, free way of transportation.

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