January 2023 Member of the Month: Pedro Andrade

“When I found out that Pedro was being awarded “Member of the Month” my immediate response was “Of course!” It has been so much fun working together and watching his growth and progress! From crushing ring rows to wall balls and everything we try, Pedro is always ready and willing to work hard! Pedro consistently embraces the discomfort with a smile or a “woo!” And was the first one to question and laugh when I assigned them a 500 calorie row instead of meters.

      Pedro’s roll with it attitude and kindness towards everyone and participation in our weekly questions and “hands in” sets a strong example for others to join in as well. Pedro is a great team member, friend and member of the community. We love having you, Pedro! Congratulations! You rock! Keep rowing! Get it?”

– Coach Brooke

     My name is Pedro, 15. I started the Teen program in June, 2022 and I’m really enjoying my time with the coaches at CrossFit Torque. 

A couple of fun things I like to do in my free time is play video games, play with my dog and make music using digital software. 

If I could have any superpower, it would be to teleport anywhere I want.

I joined CrossFit Torque because of the variety of the exercises we get to do. When I first arrived at Torque, I went through some personal training sessions and absolutely loved it!

I keep coming back because of the improvements I see. Some of my favorite exercises are rowing, running and kettlebell swings. 

My proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Torque is making it to the gym throughout the summer and right now, my biggest challenge is losing weight. I’m really proud of my consistency.

A piece of advice that I would give someone hesitant to join CrossFit Torque is that it will be hard at first, and you will be exhausted on the first day, but over time it will become easier and you will look forward to coming to CrossFit Torque. 

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