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July Member Focus: Amelia Abe

Member since June 2020 but her first drop in to Torque was December of 2018!

I grew up all over the United States, spent 6 years in Tokyo but had never lived in the northeast for a full year until this year! I now understand why winter is worth it – the rest of the seasons are absolutely incredible and the fall foliage is stunning. Some of my favorite things to do outside of the gym are explore new restaurants/donut spots, hike and read!

     When I moved home in mid-2020 due to the pandemic one of my top priorities was to get back to doing CrossFit. My CrossFit gym in NYC had been closed for a few months and I was feeling the effects of not being able to workout on a consistent basis both mentally and physically. Once I learned that CrossFit Torque had reopened it was a no-brainer for me to join. I had such a positive experience with both the coaches and members when I had previously dropped in and I was so excited to be a part of the community full time!

     My favorite thing about CFT and what has kept me coming back is by far the community of people – coaches, staff and members. Torque has truly created a community that feels like an extended family (but the ones you actually like and want to spend time with). Coach Sara has helped me grow as an athlete so much through our personal training sessions, improving my shoulder strength and working on my Bar Muscle-up technique. The gym has become so much more than just a place to workout – it’s often also my social hour for the day. I adore my fellow 6am athletes, the laughs even that early in the morning and how everyone pushes each other.

     I think I’m most proud of myself for continuing to show up at the gym no matter what life has thrown at me over the past year. Prioritizing your fitness isn’t always easy but sticking with it, even when it’s easier to hit snooze in the morning, has been so worth it. I’m especially proud when I’m able to finish a workout that includes push-ups or pull-ups and I can complete it Rx. This was something I was not able to do even a few months ago.

   One of my challenges was completing the Couch to 5K! I had run a 5K previously but never thought of myself as a strong runner. It was difficult to balance regular workouts at the gym with the runs 3 times a week but finishing the 5K 3 minutes faster than my previous time was an amazing feeling.

    My favorite movement is probably either Double Unders or Power Cleans!

    Don’t believe everything you hear about doing CrossFit or the types of people who do CrossFit! Everyone starts somewhere and you will always be able to find a version of a movement that you are already capable of! You never know unless you try.

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