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June 2021 Member Focus: Joe Mather

Member Since July 2020

I am into metal, both in my music and in my body. I lead a clinical research group and have two amazing daughters that are also members of CFT. Their experiences at Torque, with Amanda and Sara convinced me that it was a safe environment to train and that the time spent was, without question, a valuable investment. Amanda and Sara, along with Meridien and all the morning athletes, are what drive me to want to come through the Torque doors; they inspire me to do more, session after session. Sara, my personal trainer, is awesome and so invested in my progress!  It’s not where you start, but it is what you put in each day going forward that matters. 

     My proudest accomplishment thus far at Torque, although this may sound funny, but it has to be walking! I was pretty banged up when I joined. I was just out of rehab and physical therapy. My progress over the last eight months has improved my fitness to the level of joining the group classes. I can tackle almost anything now. In fact, my biggest challenge had been feeling safe as I rehabbed my body; the support and coaching that Sara and others have given me made all the difference.

     Box Jumps, absolutely, my favorite movement at CrossFit Torque! Experienced this with both of my daughters in my very first group class ! Special and unforgettable moments!

     Let me share, too, that if I had a superpower, it would be to possess the ability to set off any airport metal detector. And with my time outside of Torque, I love to travel and bike, often at the same time. I love to find myself lost on my rides; it forces me to engage and ask questions.

     In closing, the best piece of advice that I can offer is that there is never a reason big enough not to try and improve your health & well-being. Every day that you try is a win!!

 “Joe walked into our gym almost 10 months ago unsure of his capabilities and how much “CrossFit” he could really do. Fast forward 10 months later,  Joe has been a faithful 3x’s a week PT client with me, and in that time has put on POUNDS of muscle, dropped POUNDS of body fat, increased his overall balance and strength, and has a rejuvenated outlook on life and on his own fitness. He is a blast to coach!  I couldn’t be more proud of how far he has come not only physically, but mentally as well.  He is a great addition to our community and his lighthearted attitude that he carries each and every day he walks in to Torque is a pleasure to experience!”

-Coach Sara

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