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Member since August 20, 2014

“Jon is a powerhouse! If I’m ever looking for someone to test out a workout that has sledge hammer hits, tire flips, sled pushes and an odd object carry – I know Jon is my guy! Jon has come a long way since he first started with us 🙂 Thanks for always keeping Torque a constant in your life!” -Coach Amanda

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Hobbies – I am part of a nerdy movie club as I am a big fan of movies. I consider myself an amateur lumberjack and will find any reason for choppin lumbah, as would be said in my native Rhode Island. Craft beer, fire pit and some mellow tunes is my jam. 

Married to my UMass college sweetheart and have two boys Ian and Andrew, 16 and 14. 

When I was 39 I needed to get my ass in gear and my buddy did CrossFit, and Torque was right around the corner. Best decision I’ve made in a while. Great gym with an even better culture. Coaches are awesome, each with a different style and personality, and I get a great workout every time. 

Proudest accomplishment was a hand stand push-up, nailing a set of double unders, and I think I completed Grace in under 3 minutes. Now, 8 years later, I’m psyched that I can go and keep going, and not feel like a bag of hammers the next day. 

Biggest challenge for me is regularly getting there. Work and life interfere on the regular, and I’d love to add some more activity in between WODs. If I can do a muscle up of any variety, I would be psyched. 

I have several favorite moments, but I take the greatest pleasure in being a steel eyed menace when playing the pizza game warm up. 

For someone hesitant to start, I’d say pal up with Brian, Chief and I and we will show you the ropes. All the members are really friendly and happy to help. There has to be some reason this approach to health and fitness is so successful! 

Beyond that, I am grateful for Amanda and the whole Torque team and family for putting joy in working out. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story!

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