June 2023 Member of the Month: Jeanne Fallon!

Personal Training Member Since: October 11, 2022.

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“Jeanne is the truest version of what we can all hope to achieve as we age gracefully. She comes to each and every session, alongside her daughter, ready for anything that comes her way. From deadlifts, to back squats, tire flips and chin ups, she has shown that age is truly just a number. She came to us wanting to eliminate discomfort in her shoulders, hips and knees. She has gained strength in all aspects of her fitness, a newfound ability to get “out of her comfort zone”, and is now relatively pain free. She always has a smile on her face and is now the strongest gardener out there. Weeds beware!”

-Coach Sara

I value my health and fitness, however my last commitment to a personal trainer program ended with COVID. My daughter in law Carrie is dedicated to CrossFit programs and when she landed at CrossFit Torque, I knew it sounded like a place I wanted to check out. 

I’m 73 and still working (too much sitting), and also love to be outside.  I was astonished when I saw a recent photo of myself – gray hair, yes, and bent, that cannot be, but there it was – evidence.

I’m lucky in that I work every day with my daughter, Ashley.  She’s half my age and being the hard worker that she is and mother of an almost 2 year old, she found her own conditioning slipping.  We work together and fortunately have lots of flexibility, so thought, why not team up and go where Carrie goes?

Coach Sara was most accommodating in taking us on – a duo in very different places in each of our lives.  She’s taken on our personal training in tandem seeing us both twice a week.  Sara has a great deal of knowledge and experience; she is a teacher – explaining, modeling, supporting.  She’s always prepared and is a keen observer, shaping one into the right moves, with a touch here, and a reminder there. She’s thoughtful and very focused – her sessions are fun!  No two are the same – just the principles and goals.

Why do I love this type of workout? They are hard work – just hard enough.  Often I find later that I am tired or sore – signs of effort – and it’s a happy effort for me.  Some of my chronic problems: a hip, a knee, no longer trouble me. Since starting with Sara, I’ve found myself more motivated and now  I take time each day to exercise.  I utilize what I’ve learned from Coach Sara and prioritize that at home.  I think more about changing how, for example, I might lift something based on the training sessions.  I am more mindful.

Why is this important to me?  I have lots of gardens. I want to spend more time pulling out invasive species and planting native pollinator friendly plants.  And, my grandson, Linden, at 22 months is a treasure, happy and so engaging.  I just need to be on the move: lighter and stronger.

A huge thanks to CrossFit Torque folks, Amanda, and especially Coach Sara!

Now – Will I ever climb that rope?!

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