We believe that Nutrition is simple. Not always easy to accomplish, but simple. Eat whole foods including vegetables and fruits, lean meats and plenty of water. Only eat enough calories that your body needs to support your goals: weight loss, sustain, muscle gain. 

Add these into your life in a healthy way; don’t worry about ‘taking things away’ right now.

That’s why our focus areas for the Nutrition challenge are: water, fruits & vegetables, protein and …

Movement is one of the four main focuses for this challenge. We wanted movement to be with these three other categories because paired together, you will start to see great progress. They both elevate each other. If you start eating well / fueling your body then your workouts will feel better. If your workouts are feeling better, then you’ll want to fuel your body with the right things.

A new Habit takes about 12 weeks of consistent effort to become part of your second nature. We all are working together for 4 weeks. It’s a start. It’s just long enough for you to understand the benefits of what we are aiming for, and just short enough for those who are nervous to commit to things 😉

From this 30 day Challenge, we hope to be able to work with you in an ongoing relationship. Coach Jamie’s program is top notch and individualized to your needs. There is of course ‘education’ and knowledge based around Nutrition and her formal education to back it up as a Registered Dietician is priceless. It’s an amazing opportunity to have access to an RD right here in our own facility. No need to go through your primary, then wait months to get an appointment with the local RD at Newton Wellesley or Brigham. She’s right here. Use her! 

Beyond Jamie’s education, is the accountability and support she will be providing. I think we all can agree this is more important than ever. 

Raise your hand if you know how to do burpees and deadlifts. [pause]. Keep your hand raised if you would be able to workout on your own every day without a Coach helping you.

Raise your hand if you know vegetables are good for you. [pause]. Keep your hand raised if you eat them with every meal.

Raise your hand if you brush your teeth daily. [pause]. Think about this one – who here has a younger child at home? Remember trying to get them to brush their teeth every night before bed, it’s a struggle. They would rather keep playing and avoid it. But the consistent nurturing (that’s a nice way of saying forcing right?) your parents instilled on you this habit, and now, that habit is something you do every day (we hope ha!) 

Now here is a great lesson – listen up – If you miss a day of brushing your teeth, do you throw your hands in the air and just give up altogether on brushing your teeth the next day? No! You get right back to it and brush your teeth.

Nutrition changes are the same boat. If you miss a day/ meal  of eating your fruits and veggies, or you weren’t able to get a good source of protein in at each meal, doesn’t mean the “rest of the day is gone” or the “weekend is shot I might as well just eat whatever I want”. Imagine if we did that with our teeth, they would have fallen out of our mouth by now! 

Support & Accountability. We all need it. In every capacity of our lives. I personally have a Nutrition Coach, I have a CrossFit Coach, I have a Business Coach, I have a Life Coach.

We are here to be your Nutrition Coach for the next 30 days (and hopefully more!)

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