Lea Promoted to Head Coach!

“Thanks Lea for always pushing me to do my best! She has such a great attitude and I always look forward to her classes. She has been instrumental in my confidence at the gym and in helping me build up my strength.”

Lea Mahoney has been with us here at Torque since June 2019. Amanda threw her right in the fire interning and shadowing a previous Coach, and soon Lea was running solo during On-Ramp’s and Group Classes. It didn’t take long for Lea to understand the Coaching Philosophy here at Torque.

She is constantly thinking about the members’ successes even when class has ended. Lea truly has each person’s best interest at heart.

Lea has proven to be a leader amongst the Torque Staff, and this promotion should not come as a surprise to those who know her. 

As Head Coach, Lea is responsible for all of the Group Classes and On-Ramp programs we have. She will be there to nurture and further educate the Staff so they can grow as Coaches. There is so much more behind the scenes Lea will be doing! 

Thank you for your hard work the last two years and we look forward to you crushing the Head Coach position!

-Amanda & Team

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people working out in a group fitness class


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