Looking Ahead

The first time around, we were surprised! It spread fast. It made us feel uncertain.

But we were also surprised by our ability to adapt and adjust as quickly as we did.

The second time around, though, there’s no excuse for being surprised.

Let’s hope the last few months we have spent time reflecting and planning for the what-ifs. Our systems are more resilient now. We have learned from the best and the worst.

Here at CrossFit Torque we have been part of an international mentorship program, helping us lead through the last few months.

We are preparing – anticipating what might come next.

Reflecting and Anticipating doesn’t typically come naturally. It’s a new skill. It’s a mindset change.

Pretending life won’t be shut down again may not be the best state of mind to be in right now. Our entire country is struggling, and deeply affected. There is a lot of emotion going around right now. Here’s what we know.

Focusing on what you can control – your Health – Your Nutrition – Your Fitness – Your Mindset – Your Sleep – Your Stress.

We will continue to think positively, that things won’t get worse.

We are ready to adapt and adjust again. Our clients will go from in-gym fitness back to Online Coaching. Working with us daily, more intimately, on so many levels. Sleep, Eating, Movement, Manage (SEMM).

How are you Sleeping, Eating, Moving and Managing (Stress)?

Our Coaches here at CrossFit Torque can help with all of us. We are ready for the next ‘surprise’.

Practice courage until you become courageous. –Jacqueline Novogratz, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution

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