Make Huge Changes in Your Life by Starting Small

… Start by making tiny changes in your life, one at a time.

If we take a strategy from the business world called the aggregation of marginal gains, then we can simply focus on improving every aspect of our lives—training, nutrition, sleep, and equipment—by 1%.

Looking for the new nutrition fad, or quick fix workout isn’t the answer. The goal is to look at small changes: maybe it’s setting an alarm for 3 min earlier than the previous day. I just was speaking with a Nutrition client of mine about stress and structure of her day. We came to the conclusion that if order for her to have any #MeTime then she would have to get up an hour earlier before the rest of the house.

Her first response was “I can’t get up that early. I just, don’t wake up. My alarm goes off and my thought is “I’m too tired I’m going back to sleep.”

My suggestion was not to immediately start with 1 hour earlier on her alarm, but rather 3-5 minutes. And the first thought I want her to have is a positive one – “I’m going to feel so energized if I get up right now because I will be able to make myself breakfast and enjoy my coffee”.

It’s not as overwhelming now – the thought of making change – because we are doing it in small enough steps. Start with a few minutes, and after a couple of days, set the alarm for even earlier. Ask “How do I improve this by 1% NOW?”

Aggregating small wins WORKS.

You don’t need a radical new keto diet. You don’t need a “detox” (they’re fake anyway so don’t even get me started on this). You don’t need to start jogging five miles every morning. You just need to take one tiny step.

If your Nutrition is already solid, what about your activity? You can start by just doing 10 squats. Call it a day. Try for 11–or 10 push-ups the next day. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, just start today and move.

I love having a coach: I have a Nutrition Coach, a Fitness Coach and a Business Coach.

Having a Fitness Coach is the easiest, I just have to show up, and the coach tells me what to do. Maybe that’s your first small step: Sign up for a free No-Sweat Intro and let Amanda tell you what you should do first. Or just do one squat and start tracking your food. After 365 days, if you improve by 1% each day, you’ll be over 30 TIMES more fit!

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