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May 2021 Member Highlight: Dillon and Colby Sheehan

TorqueNation Members Since: September 9, 2014.

Colby and Dillon have been great athletes since day one…which was almost seven years ago! While they’ve changed over those years, their hard work every class has remained the same. They’re always ready to go and tackle each workout with no complaints. (I’m not kidding – I usually have to drag the complaints out of them.)

Dillon has gotten super strong with his overhead presses & push presses and has improved his 1000m row time by over a minute in the last year!

Colby makes full depth air squats look like a breeze and his box jumps are a particular strong point – he’s been adding more height to them recently! 

It has been awesome coaching these two over the years and I’m excited to see what they accomplish in the future. Keep up the hard work, guys! 

-Coach & Personal Trainer Merrr

The Sheehan boys have grown from our Kids program to Personal Training clients the last 7 years! Look at the progression of photos we have of them 🙂

Dillon –

My favorite thing about CrossFit Torque is the variety of things that Coach Merrr shows us. We have done a lot of fun and different movements over the past almost seven years!!

I think that since we started as young boys, my proudest moment or feeling at Torque has been the fact that I have been a member here since I was 6 years old!! Coming for almost seven years.  I am always excited about seeing what Coach has in store for us.  I enjoy all the different lifts, jumps and runs that Coach Merrr presents to us.  I do not think that I have a favorite – I really just like to try everything but struggle a bit with pull ups.

If someone was to ask me what advice I would pass along from my experiences here at Torque, I would say, please come, try it out. I am certainly happy that I had.  

My superpower, if I could choose one, would be Teleportation which some may not know is to move from one location to another at a super high speed!!!  Also, I love to visit Florida for vacation and my dog, Dakota makes me smile every single day!!  I enjoy playing basketball and baseball.

Colby –

Some of my hobbies are playing video games. My ultimate superhero/movie is Black Panther!! And my most favorite place to vacation has to be Florida!!!

I joined CrossFit Torque and keep coming back over six years because it is always fun and new! The different things that we do, week after week, are a great and lively way to exercise.

The proudest moment so far for me at Torque is beating my time for the 1000m row!! I just was so happy!! A real celebration for sure! But I would like to really master a few pull-ups, a bit challenging for me.  While I do not have a favorite movement, I do enjoy trying to beat my previous records/times.

If someone asked for my advice or feelings about CrossFit Torque, I would say, Go! After all these years, I still really enjoy all of my sessions! 

And if I could have a superpower – Teleporting, would be it!! To be able to transport from one spot to another at a super speed, instantly!!! 

And finally, what makes me smile everyday – it has to be my pet cat and dog

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