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I am in my 40’s, married for 16 years, have 1 child, and work full time. At first glance, I probably seem pretty generic. But there are definitely some things that might set me apart-I’m always right (ask my husband), wicked sarcastic (again ask my husband), have a very inappropriate sense of humor, build furniture, love to cook for people, love interior painting, obsessed with cheese, enjoy sudoku and other puzzles, and proud mother of a fierce, brilliant, strong-willed, determined 14 yo girl. My husband and I met online before you just had to swipe left or right! We dated for about 5 months, got engaged, and then we got married 10 months later. It really was one of those “you just know” situations. And somehow almost 18 years later, he still puts up with my craziness!

Prior to starting at Torque, I would have said I was a retired athlete. I was always active growing up–gymnastics, softball, field hockey, pretty much any sport except basketball. I stopped doing any sports/exercise for all 4 years of college as there were too many other distractions! As an adult, I found enjoyment working out at the YMCA but really fell in love with Spartan races. For about 6-7 years, my husband and I would do the local Spartan races. One year, after a ton of training, we did the Spartan Beast in Ohio. Then when the pandemic hit, instead of making good use of my time, I turned into a gold medal Netflix show binger and all my muscles disappeared! When I joined Torque 9 months ago, I came out of retirement and I’m all in.

I looked into CrossFit Torque on the recommendation of a friend. I set up the initial meeting with Chris to get all the info, and left not knowing if I would join. But Chris following up with her super genuine compassionate and kind personality was that little tug I needed to join. I LOVE that all of the workouts and strength portions are planned for me. “Programming” was always something that stressed me out when I exercised at the YMCA. There was always another website, article, and Instagram account with way too much information about exercising that quickly overwhelmed me. At CFT the workouts are never easy, but they are also only as challenging as I make them. The community that has developed at CFT is also amazing. Everyone has a positive attitude, is supportive, has lots of fun, and is super welcoming.

My proudest accomplishment is sticking with it for 9 months. I go to the 5 am classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I’ve made my fitness and health a priority again and it feels really good. I have the most difficulty with complex movements, the Olympic lifts, and body awareness. It takes me a long time to master gross motor movements. Intellectually I totally understand how the body is supposed to move, but getting my body to do it (& quickly) is something completely different. I’ve been doing weekly personal training sessions with Coach Sara for about 6 months now and I still have a hard time telling if my hips are square, if my back toe is pointed straight, etc! I don’t have a favorite movement yet. I feel like I’m still learning the movements. I love the gymnastics ones (handstands, kipping), but that’s just because I did gymnastics growing up.

CrossFit Torque is not just for super-fit athletes, anyone can do it. The coaches will meet you where you are and as long as you accept the feedback, they will continually help you grow and improve.

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