May Athlete Focus: Matt Q

May Athlete Focus:  Matt Q

“Matt has been one of the most consistent members since he first joined us. Quickly going from our 3x/week membership to Unlimited, Matt I believe has found his getaway from the stresses of work. Consistently showing up to our noon class, if not surprising us at 8am, Matt always is smiling and ready with a sarcastic response.”

– Owner | Coach Amanda

Member Since: October 2015

What was it about CrossFit Torque that made you want to join?

I actually knew nothing about CrossFit when I joined. My boss had been at Torque for a few months and mentioned some of the workouts he had been doing. I thought it was crazy that a 50 year old guy was just taking this up now at this point in his life…..but naturally I HAD to beat him….in a healthy competitive way of course! I had basically taken the last 15 or so years off from any really strenuous workout program and forgot how important physical fitness is to an overall healthy, productive and meaningful lifestyle. I am really glad I didn’t let another 15 years of less beneficial lifestyle habits go by…

What has kept you coming back to Torque, day after day??

It has become a “must have” part of my daily routine. The hour that I spend at Torque is either a kickstart to my day, a great break in the middle of the day, or sometimes an exhausting end to the day. On days that I workout when my head hits the pillow I am sound asleep in like 5 minutes. I love that.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Torque?

I think that getting into the habit of pushing myself physically during the workout has tranTorque Health and Fitnessd into pushing myself to do more in all aspects of my life. Then the harder I work in other parts of life (career, parent, husband, etc) the harder it becomes to miss a workout or slack off and vice versa…one feeds off the other….so kind of a good cycle to be in. I am not sure if that is the way it is designed but it’s working for me!

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

Not really any one movement or workout just that I haven’t given up or let myself get disinterested or move on to some other thing. It’s a hard thing physically of course…and hard to stick with at the beginning when your body gets more sore and fatigued than you are used to. There are reasons why most people don’t do this…it’s hard! I have been able to push myself past that physically and mentally thus far. I am proud of that.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Learning my limitations and how to make sure I don’t hurt myself. I tweaked my back once or twice early on and it limited me for a while on what movements I could do and how hard I could go. That was frustrating, but a good learning experience and I feel like I am better off now than if I had never been injured. A few minor injuries probably saved me from a major injury at some point.

What is your favorite CF movement to do?

Oddly, rowing.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to start CrossFit but hasn’t yet?

Just do it. Show up. Try it. Get tired and sore. Then show up again. Be accountable to only yourself….you will know if you are giving a max effort or mailing it in. I think that is good advice for anything in life that somebody is thinking they want to do. You can plan and plot and try to wait for the “perfect” time to take action on whatever it is…..but that time generally doesn’t ever come. A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed never.


“Thank you Matt for pushing yourself 100% of the time!”

– Coach Jake


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